Mr. Zodiac Killer? Oh No, That‘s My Father – S1 E1 ’The Most Dangerous Animal Of All’ Recap & Review

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Zodiac. The name itself holds hundreds of stories. Here on the AFTERBUZZ TV MOST DANGEROUS ANIMAL OF ALL AFTER SHOW PODCAST, we’re going to discuss the Hulu based docu-series all about the man whose father might be the Zodiac Killer. We’re going to discuss all the facts, all the mysteries, and all the secrets as we break down the series episode by episode. Join us for our special segments, news and gossip, and all of our predictions!

Episode Recap

In this episode we are introduced to Gary L Stewart, a man whose feelings of abandonment stemming from being put up for adoption lead him on a quest to learn about his biological parents. We learn about various characters in Gary’s life including the adoptive family members that raised him, We also meet his birth mother, Judy, and we start to paint a picture of the horrific man who was his birth father, Van. We learn about the infamous Ice Cream Romance between Van and Judy. How they were fugitives, captured, and on the fun again countless times.  We found out that Judy became pregnant and gave birth to their baby, Gary, and that Van mistreated his son and abandoned him in a stairwell in New Orleans.

An adult Gary sees an episode of a Cold Case show, and sees an uncanny resemblance to a mug shot he has of his father.  He first has an epiphany that his father might be The Zodiac Killer.

Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Latoya Blakely (@latoya.blakely), Lisa Masi (@lisammasi), Cody Epperson (@codyyepp)

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