The Elsewhere Society and the Jejune Society Go to War – S1 E2 & E3 ‘Dispatches From Elsewhere’ Review & Recap

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What happens when you pierce through the thin veil of society and discover what your true reality and potential is? On the DISPATCHES FROM ELSEWHERE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCASTS, we’re going to be following our favorite characters as they do just that! Join us every week as we break down the latest episode from the plots, to the characters, to even the magic! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Episode Recap

Upon getting an unexpected visit from BigFoot, Simone pulls Peter out of work to hunt for clues in Fishtown. They discover the Elsewhere Society’s colorful headquarters and one final mission to confront their fears on a rooftop. Peter goes for it and shares his budding feelings for Simone, but she runs from the idea of being loved. She finds the courage later, at the Society’s protest of the Jejune Institute’s shareholders meeting, which Janice and Fredwynn have been invited to. At the event, Simone, Janice, and Peter meet Octavio Coleman in person. Janice confronts a past memory, leading her to question her own reality. Soon the Elsewhere Society’s followers crash the event and the group flees out of game, possibly. Meanwhile, Fredwynn is now one step ahead of everyone.

Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Kevin Allen, (@KevinAllensays) Sana Moore, (@IAm_Sana) Shyntel Del Aguila (@ShyntelD), Ben Schanu (@BenjaminSchnau)

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