RuPaul’s Drag Race Presents NUBIA Tour Extravaganza!

Written by: Mark J. Freeman – February 7, 2020 10:51am PT

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Get ready ‘kweens,’ because the drag race royalty of colour have put together an all new show which celebrates opulence, regality, and pure unadulterated black excellence!

Credit: Instagram, @nubiatour

The five queens who make up this talented cast of characters are, Bebe Zahara Benet (season one winner), Bob The Drag Queen (season eight winner), Miss Monique Heart (season 10), Peppermint (season nine runner-up), The Vixen (season 11) and Shea Coulee (season nine). Whether they’re your favorite, or they pushed your buttons a bit, one thing’s for sure, it this will be a show to remember.

The show is called NUBIA, and is described as “a live out loud, show stopping extravaganza thrown directly in the face of racial division and political divisiveness.” Leave it to the drag queens of the LGBTQ community to step up and present a show with diversity, that will push buttons and get people talking.

Credit: Instagram, @nubiatour

For two nights only, March 5th and 6th, at the Roulette Intermedium in Brooklyn NY, these queens are coming together to show you what they’re made of! It’s Black History Month after all, why not go online now and buy your ticket in honor of the achievement of these five fierce African American queens.

UPDATE: The NUBIA show in Brooklyn, has added season nine finalist, Shea Couleé, to the shows roster of performers and a third performance has been added on March 6th by popular demand. 

Credit: Instagram, @nubiatour

When I asked Monique Heart about the show, she said, “It is produced by and stars, an all black cast. It’s a celebration of black beauty, power, resilience, exuberance and excellence.”

I can only imagine what these queens have up their sleeves, because the fans are already going crazy! One fan on Twitter said, “Oh my god. They all look amazing. I’m in love.”

I couldn’t agree more! They all DO look amazing. Some fans are also already begging to have the show brought overseas, with one writing, “LONDON! LONDON! LONDON!… please.”

Well, how ‘bout this, let’s sell out these first two performances in Brooklyn first, then we can discuss the world tour.

Credit: Instagram, @nubiatour

In an interview with Gaytimes UK, The Vixen had this to say, “Black queens are at the root of so many things, in fashion, in music, in style, in our culture. And I think black queens don’t get enough credit for how influential and how special they are to the world.”

Credit: Instagram, @nubiatour

Bob The Drag Queen added, “Black queens, no matter how popular you are or how well you did in the show, sometimes you don’t receive the same love or the same adulation that the white queens get.”

Well, let’s all go prove to these talented queens that we love them and give them the support they deserve by proudly using #BlackQueensMatter.

For more information about the show, and to buy tickets, go to and be sure to follow the show on Instagram @nubiatour to stay updated.

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Mark J. Freeman is a host, comic, actor and drag queen from the midwest and transplanted in the City Of Angels.

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