Roswell, New Mexico’s Michael Vlamis Talks Season Finale & Crush on Zooey Deschanel!

Michael Vlamis discusses sexuality and chemistry with co-star Tyler Blackburn, how he landed the role of Michael Guerin, and season three wishes for Roswell, New Mexico

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Posted On: May 21, 2020 11:20pm pst

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ABTV Quarantine With The Stars: Michael Vlamis

Michael Vlamis’ journey as an actor is as much of an emotional rollercoaster as the love life of his Roswell, New Mexico character Michael Guerin. 

Vlamis stopped by AfterBuzz TV to talk all about that journey, his excitement for season 3 of Roswell, New Mexico, and what it means to portray such an important LGBT character.

Michael did not always want to be an actor.  He actually attended business school in college and even played baseball for his college team. When injuries sidelined him from the field and he saw that people were paying “40 Gs” to study acting, he figured why not, and took the leap of faith to begin his acting journey.

At the start of his acting career, Michael jumped in head first and started auditioning for every role possible until he landed a role alongside the iconic Zooey Deschanel on New Girl. Like most of us, Michael had quite the crush on Zooey and was even a fan of her band She & Him, so it was definitely a dream role for him.

“I went to her concert in Millenium Park on a torn ACL in like ‘08. I crutched around to watch She & Him perform. I was a huge fan and had a crush on her at the time, so yeah, it was a great experience.”

After New Girl, Michael didn’t land a job for a few years until the heartbreaking end of a six-year relationship helped him truly tap into some deep feelings that helped him land other exciting roles in TV shows and shorts.

Throughout his career, Michael refused to give up and worked himself ragged through acting, writing, heading up marketing for a watch company, and even driving Uber to make ends meet, until an acting teacher gave him the tip about Roswell, New Mexico.

“She thought I would fit the bill for one of the characters, and so my reps tried to get me an audition. They could not. The casting office said I was just a comedy guy, they would not give me an audition. So, I just put myself on tape in this room with my roommates, and I got a call later that day saying that the showrunner wanted to meet me the next day for an audition.”

Michael proceeded to wow executives at Warner Bros’ and eventually landed the exciting and extremely layered role of Michael Guerin on the CW’s Roswell, New Mexico. From the very beginning of this series, Michael’s character played an important role in bringing visibility to and representing the LGBT community.

“I had no idea how important it would be to people. I had never been a lead character on a show that people tuned into every week and really felt connected to, like I felt connected to the characters of my favorite shows growing up.”

While Michael was just doing his best as an actor to portray this character the best way he could, he spoke with co-star and on-screen love interest Tyler Blackburn, who opened Michael’s eyes to how important this character was.

“I’m a heterosexual male. Tyler Blackburn is bisexual. I had not had experiences like that, but when it came to the show, it’s not about being with a man or a woman, or whatever your preference is. It’s just about, what does love look like, and I think love between two people is pretty universal.”

Michael also shared how great of an actor Tyler is, how great it was to work with him, and how their chemistry was truly real on set.

“The relationship has worked very well. The chemistry was there from the get-go. We’re very trusting of one another. We’re very free when we’re performing, and he’s an amazing actor. So I could just look at him, and I’m affected so deeply.”

We’re all affected very deeply by Michael’s character, and he even shared a bit of a spoiler for the end of season two and what he hopes from season three.

“Season two ends with a twist that nobody will see coming. I didn’t even see it coming as an actor in the show showing up for the table read.”

For season three, Michael wants a lot of things for his character Michael, including more alien spaceships and more great music, but he wants nothing more than to see his character happy in the end.

“I would like to see him happy. I would like to see him really set on one love interest and then to be honest, I’d love to see that all ripped from him again because I love playing the torture.”

Someone that does make Michael happy in his life is his mom as they have the most adorable close-knit relationship. Michael shared that his mom watches all his work, loves a good spoiler, helps him with his website as a computer programmer, but is overall just his number one fan.

We here at AfterBuzz TV are also Michael’s number one fans, and we can’t wait to see more of him and what he’s up to next. Since Michael is stuck at home in quarantine, he also mentioned how he’s continuing to write new work and he has many exciting projects like a Halloween comedy film, and other fun TV shows that he’s continuing to work on in quarantine. 

Michael couldn’t share too much about these projects, so fans will just have to keep an eye on him and his social media to see all the incredible things he’s working on.

If you want to see what Michael’s up to and gush over his adorable relationship with his mom, follow him on all social platforms at @michaelvlamis and be sure to catch Roswell, New Mexico Mondays on The CW

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