Rob Kardashian Dating Love & Hip Hop’s Tommie Lee?

Written by: Nakia Monet – February 5, 2020 7:30am PT

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Valentines day is around the corner and it looks like Rob Kardashian may have a new boo just in time!

Credit: Instagram, @tommiee_

Kardashian is back in the news, but this time reports are claiming he may be boo’d up this winter. Rumors claim that he is now dating former Love & Hip Hop cast member, Tommie Lee. A Source close to the Kardashian told TMZ, “Rob and Tommie know each other, but they aren’t close and don’t even talk regularly.”


Originally, the rumor started when the queen of gossip, Wendy Williams, herself claimed that Kardashian and Lee were a real couple. As of now, both haven’t made any official statements, but they do follow each other on social media. Let us know in the comments below if you are here for this ship. You know we’ll be keeping tabs on this relationship.

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