RHONJ’s Jim Marchese Denies Cutting Son Off, Calls Him Rich F***ing Little Asshole

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Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jim Marchese is fighting back against allegations he won’t pay for his son’s schooling because he’s gay.

Jim’s son, James, wrote on a GoFundMe post that his dad pulled his college funding after finding out he was gay. James said he wanted to attend Fairfield University in Connecticut this fall, but alleged Jim has been cutting ties with him.

Jim is currently married to Amber Marchese, with whom he appeared on RHONJ and Marriage Boot Camp. James is his son from a previous marriage.

In an interview with AfterBuzz TV’s It’s Bravo, Betch! with HollywoodLian, Jim denied cutting James off financially and called his son selfish.

“I would say to him, be a man and, and, and don’t be so goddamn selfish and stop exploiting people who are poor, who are gay or liberal, who don’t understand that you’re a rich fucking little asshole who has so much goddamn money that you don’t need their money,” said Jim.

Jim insisted he’s not withholding money based on James’ sexual orientation, but rather the school he has chosen.

“Apply to schools that you can afford, get your four-year degree, and we’ll talk about your masters. But if you’re not willing to use common sense, nobody should go to a school that costs $275,000. They shouldn’t,” said Jim, adding, “no one pays $275,000 for a shit school like Fairfield University. If the kid got into MIT, Harvard, Yale, I’m, I would be more than happy to contribute.”

James says he’s received nearly $30,000 in scholarships, which is nearly half the cost of his freshman year. For the rest, he started the GoFundMe page. Nearly 250 people have donated close to ten thousand dollars, nearly a third of James’ $35,000 goal.

In the interview with AfterBuzz TV, Jim took issue with James asking others for money.

“I’m very pleased that the acting lessons I paid for actually, uh, came to fruition cause he’s made nine grand off of suckers who think that this is a poor kid and not an elite rich kid,” said Jim. He even said sorry to those who gave financially. “I’m obviously embarrassed and uh, I’m going to apologize to everyone who’s donated to this scam, because that’s what it is.”

James said he hopes to be able to apply for student loans during his Sophomore year to help cover the cost of schooling, but his mother wasn’t able to cosign for him this year. Jim says they don’t get student loans because his ex-wife and her husband make too much money.

Jim also claimed Fairfield University isn’t gay-friendly, and is surprised his son would want to go there.

“Instead of going to Rutgers which is very homosexual friendly or gay friendly, he’s going to a Jesuit school that hates gays. That says in their doctrine they don’t want gay kids. This is how sick. You know why? Cause he wants to party with his friends who do drugs,” claimed Jim.

James has expressed a desire to reconnect with his father and said he hopes to turn the situation into something positive. Only time will tell if the two can reconcile their differences.

For the full interview with Jim on AfterBuzz TV, click on the video link in this article.

Michael Clouse

Michael Clouse


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