RHOBH Episode 15

Brandi Glanville drops some new info, we finally see Dorit Kemsley’s renovated Buca di Beppo room, and Teddi Mellencamp has her baby shower on ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Episode 15.

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Posted On: August 19th, 2020 11:54 pm pst

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On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the ladies are attending Teddi’s baby shower, and Brandi drops some new bombs. Denise and Garcelle talk about how Lisa has changed and Erika is officially on her way to Broadway. But before we get into that, let’s take a look back on what was said online leading up to this episode.

Last week the ladies broke records by being #1 in cable primetime: 

Some of the ladies reflected the Italy trip on BravoTV.com:

Erika teases the Capri room we’ve all been waiting for (and we get to see it’s debut tonight).

And that’s what you missed this week. Now onto the top 5 moments from tonight’s episode! 

  1. An Alliance Has Been Formed: Garcelle and Denise get together at Garcelle’s new house. Denise has just arrived from Montana after Thanksgiving. She says she went straight after Rome. Denise appreciates Garcelle sticking up for her back in Rome. Aaron found out and is shocked about what happened. He feels bad about what happened. She says when he sees them he is going to address the accusations. Denise finally admits she doesn’t like Teddi to Garcelle. Garcelle says she finds it different between her and Lisa. She’s harsh and relentless. Denise agrees and doesn’t trust her as of right now. Garcelle says, “it’s exhausting to own it.” 
  2. Before the Babyshower: Dorit getting ready for the baby shower at Buca di Beppo. Kyle meets up with her at the restaurant. Dorit feels it’s the perfect opportunity to have this party at the renovated room. Kyle implies Dorit took over the party while in Rome. We get a first look at the new room at Buca di Beppo. We find out Denise and Garcelle are invited to the shower after the Rome debacle. Kyle says she hasn’t spoken to Denise since Rome. Both ladies haven’t officially said they are not coming. Kim and Brandi are coming as they were invited the night of the bomb drop. Kyle knows Denise is not coming (doesn’t actually know it but has a hunch).
  3. Like Mother, Like Daughter: Lisa has a heart-to-heart with her daughter Amelia. They talk about her new apartment Kyle’s daughter Alexia found for Amelia. They also discuss Amelia’s therapy sessions and bring up that she’s already one year cured from her anorexia. The conversation then transitions to Garcelle’s comments in Rome. Ameila wants to tell her to “f*** off” but respectfully of course. Amelia talks about how she started it and says her mom had nothing to do with it.
  4. Buca di Babyshower: The baby shower turns into a surprise party for Teddi since Dorit told her it was only going to be a room viewing. The cake was fabulous. The ladies who attended were Lisa, Kim, Dorit, Kyle, Garcelle, Sutton, and Erika who arrived late. Denise facetimed to say she can’t make it and in her confessional she says she’s glad she was sick because she didn’t want to go anyway.  The ladies cheer for Erika on Broadway. Lisa kinda makes it about herself by saying she did it 18 years ago and Garcelle calls her out on it. Lisa kinda gets PISSED that Garcelle would even make that connection.

Garcelle and Sutton left early for some undisclosed reason. Brandi makes a pit-stop while Erika asks where Denise is. Erika and Dorit kinda grill Brandi without talking about the situation at hand. Brandi says she’s truthful 99% of the time. Lisa explains she’s uncomfortable talking about Denise with her not being there. She also explains she had a breakdown about it in Rome and doesn’t feel comfortable.

Teddi kinda kicks out her friends from the baby shower to talk about the situation. The ladies tell Brandi what Denise said in Rome about Brandi and the accusations. Brandi insists she’s not trying to hurt Denise but says her side of the story. New details have emerged and Brandi said she bit Denise and left some “love marks”. Dorit finds the info to be very confusing and is the biggest doubter of the group. Brandi then shows texts as proof that she had a relationship with Denise. She passes around her phone so all the ladies can read the string for themselves. Brandi also says something sexual about Denise but due to FCC rules, it was bleeped out. Brandi comes out to say Denise is more manipulative than LVP.  

5. Ok, Now What?: The episode ends with Lisa showing up at Kyle’s house to discuss last night’s baby shower. Lisa says she’s confused about what to believe.  She says she believed Denise up until last night.  Kyle compares Lisa’s position to the situation with LVP last season. Lisa says it feels like Denise weaponized the friendship and did everything in her power to manipulate. 

And that’s what happened on this week’s episode. Now Watch What Happens Live due to Andy being on vacation. Next week is the season finale so be sure to be completely caught up! 


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