RHOBH Episode 12 Tweet Recap

 Garcelle and Sutton make their presence known on Twitter while the allegations about Denise Richards are finally being brought to all the ladies on RHOBH Episode 12 Trip to Rome. 

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Posted On: July 29th, 2020 8:26 pm pst

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On this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the women are in Rome and the drama with Denise’s bombshell is just beginning.

Let’s play catchup: last week, Brandi dropped the bomb about Denise’s affair with Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp, as well as what Denise allegedly said about each of the women. Last week, Teddi live tweeted the whole show and had some words in regards to what Denise allegedly thought of her: 

Denise responded the next day with this Instagram post: 


Two days later Denise also posted this on her instagram: 

I would say this is cryptic but there’s no secret what it’s about. While watching last week’s episode again right before the new episode aired, Bravo threw in footage of another Brandi confession that’s more about Brandi’s insight of Denise. Kim also revealed why she feels weird about Denise in some unseen footage.

And that’s what you missed on RHOBH. Now onto the episode at hand as tweeted by Gracelle, Dorit, Sutton and Bravo. 

The girls have just arrived in Rome and the only ones who know about Denise’s alleged affair are Kyle, Teddi and Lisa. Teddi breaks the news to Lisa while riding from the Rome airport in one car 

while Dorit and Erika are riding in a separate car

Lisa says she’s conflicted in her confessional because she’s also had bad blood with Brandi and doesn’t know who to believe. 

Fun Fact: this is the last trip Erika takes with the girls before Broadway! 

Of course the ladies bring their glam squad to get ready for dinner and we finally see the iconic Chanel outfit come to life. 

The only ones who are in Rome at this point are Lisa, Kyle, Teddi, Dorit and Erika. Denise and Garcelle are on their way and Sutton is getting there the next day. 

The ladies who are in Rome arrive at dinner and Denise calls Lisa to tell her that she and Gracelle are there but will not be meeting the ladies for dinner. They suddenly have a change of heart and both surprise the girls by showing up to dinner. 

The next day the ladies all get ready for the long day ahead of them. Believe it or not the ladies aren’t picking on Dorit’s outfit today but Erika outfit is the butt of the joke. 

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La Dolce Vita ✨

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Sutton has finally arrived and just in time for shopping! 

We’re off to Fendi and the ladies are having a blast. A few of them spent around $3,000 while Kyle takes the lead at $8,000

However, Teddi is really trying to avoid Denise throughout the day. 

Next the Trevi Fountain where the ladies do the traditional throw of the coin. But did you really go there if you didn’t have a photoshoot. 

Later that day, the ladies get all glammed up for dinner

And it’s about to go down. 


Denise denies the allegations (about what she said about the other ladies) and questions the source. 

While the ladies are calling Denise out during their confessionals, they do playback a scene straight from BravoCon where Denise says she’s still close to Brandi. (Fun Fact: BravoCon was filmed 5 days before the trip) 

Lisa Rinna claims she’s not telling Denise about the serious allegations because she learned her lesson from ~munchausen~. Teddi finally spills the tea after dragging it out for like 5 minutes. Denise tries to get her to say the allegation off camera but none of that here! 

All the ladies are very shaken up about the news and are left speechless. Here we see Denise finally breaks the fourth wall. She says “please do not air this” and “bravo, bravo, bravo”. Denise then proceeds to cry on camera and act very vulnerable. Sutton and Dorit come to Denise’s defense and Sutton actually gets into a tiff with Teddi. 

Everyone is left feeling divided and very awkward at the end of the dinner. While leaving the restaurant, Denise threatens “If they ever want me to be on this show, they need to cut it.”

Brandi breaks her silence on Twitter at the end of the episode. 

On tonight’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Garcelle says she was shocked over the allegations and neither Garcelle nor Sutton knew about the “bravo bravo bravo” conspiracy. Neither of the ladies believe Brandi’s side of the story and both believe Denise said Teddi is living in her father’ shadow, Erika is a cold hearted bitch and that she did not like Lisa. 

That’s all for tonight so see you next week! 

This is a developing story. So you’re gonna want to see what happens next!

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