Rhea Seehorn’s Emmy Snub Is The Most Abhorrent Snub in Television History

Why Rhea Seehorn deserved to be nominated at this year’s Emmys and should have won. 

Ryan Nilsen

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Posted On: August 2nd, 2020 9:40 pm pst

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The 2020 Emmy nominations came out last Monday and like every year, well deserving talent was left out. Plus there are a thousand articles about the biggest surprises and snubs that was posted online.

Though it is impossible to recognize all of the deserving talent -particularly in the golden age of television- there was one snub that was frankly unacceptable: Rhea Seehorn’s performance as Kim Wexler for Better Call Saul. 

The only reason the Emmys exist are for the Television Academy to recognize EXCELLENCE in TV from that year. In recent years, there are a few series landmarks that have paved the way for the excellent content made today like The Sopranos, The Wire, Lost, Breaking Badt and many others.

It would be one thing if this was season one and the show was still proving itself but it is on season 5 and for FIVE YEARS Rhea Seehorn has never been nominated. The nominees were:

Jennifer Aniston – The Morning Show

  • Aniston has been nominated six times before and won in 2003 for Friends. This is her seventh nomination.

Olivia Coleman – The Crown 

  • Coleman has been nominated three times before for three separate series.

Jodie Comer – Killing Eve

  • This is her second nomination for Killing Eve.

Laura Linney – Ozark

  • This is her seventh nomination and she has won four separate Emmy’s for her performance in Wild Iris, Frasier, John Adams, and The Big C.

Sandra Oh – Killing Eve

  • Oh has been nominated for eleven Emmys over the course of her incredible career.

Zendaya – Euphoria

  • First time nominee!

With the exception of Zendaya, all of the other nominees have been nominated multiple times and several have won multiple times. Rhea Seehorn has never received a nomination. Not only should Rhea have been nominated for this past season of Better Call Saul, she should be the winner.

Vince Gilligan’s masterwork drama on AMC blew everyone’s minds as well as cementing itself in history as one of the first shows “binged” by many audiences. For these reasons and many more the spin-off Better Call Saul has always been in the shadow of a titan, not drawing nearly as big of a crowd to its predecessor. For a show crowded with familiar faces with drug lord fast food restaurant owners, flamboyant lawyers, and DEA agents – the new characters in the series have had a nearly impossible job competing much less even “standing out” and that’s exactly what the Kim Wexler character has done. 


Rhea Seehorn’s performance as Kim Wexler has been a powerhouse element of the show from episode one and is the main reason the series is as interesting as it is- stealing scenes with Bob Odenkirk, delivering jaw-dropping monologue after monologue, conveying such a wide array of subtle emotion, and depicting making a hardworking lawyer in love with a man mixed up with the wrong people so much more interesting than Breaking Bad (no shade to Anna Gunn but the fans have spoken). TV Guide even wrote an article titled: “Kim Wexler Is the Best Character on TV”


Hell, the past two seasons have been so good because we are all asking one question: What happens to Kim Wexler? She has no presence in Breaking Bad and we do not know if she is around post-Breaking Bad either. Kim is the most interesting part of the show and to think Rhea has never been recognized by the Television Academy is so confusing, demeaning, and irresponsible.

Bob Odenkirk (also not nominated) expressed his thoughts on Twitter:

Congratulating G Smith for their nomination fro writing…

Late Night host Seth Meyers shared his thoughts on twitter saying Seehorn was the best thing on TV last year.

Matt Oswalt tweeted:

Wrestler CM Punk tweeted:

Melissa Stetten – TV Actress tweeted: 

Gennifer Hutchison – Writer of upcoming Lord of the Rings on Prime Video tweeted:

It is worth noting in a unique “silver lining”, Rhea Seehorn did receive an Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series” for the Ethics Training with Kim Wexler webisodes AMC created. So maybe after all Rhea will receive that Emmy! Only time will tell.

In the meantime, let’s all rewatch the masterclass in acting from Rhea in Season 5 of Better call Saul available on Google Play, Prime Video, and iTunes now!

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