REVIEW: Lauren LoGrasso’s Road to Glory Takes Us On a Journey of Revelation

Written by: Jason M. Lucia – November 8th, 2019 4:01pm PT

Music nourishes us and fills our lives in many different ways.

There are songs that we dance and make love to, songs that pump us up with righteous rage and songs that lend a happy soundtrack to our daily duties. There are songs that beat back the darkness and songs that give us permission to wallow in it, when we’re too broken to do anything but wallow.

Maybe the deepest, most meaningful magic a song can induce is when it gives us the clarity to stare down our struggles and the passion to meet those struggles with gritty optimism, knowing that the road to wholeness is crooked and rough, but every ragged step is worth it, because we’ll get there if we never give up.

ROAD TO GLORY by Lauren LoGrasso is one of those songs.

Her voice has the soulful texture of someone who’s been there, who’s been betrayed and led astray by the empty promises and petty games of people who did not see her value.

Against a backdrop of sinuous, sexy beats, she is telling her truth.  A million miles from the cartoon joy of most pretty pop songs, Lauren has found a strength and a drive within that cannot be dimmed by the vicissitudes.

This song is an anthem for every woman and every man who strives to live their truth with passion and integrity in a world where easy victories seem to go to the hustlers and those so twisted by the game that they are eager to sell what little soul they have left.

She will not be a meal for this parade of predators and willing victims.  The road has drawn blood, but she crawls on, and when the gospel choir comes in at about 2:37, we know the singer will make it through, and that we will, too.

Clearly, Lauren has absorbed the teachings of the great chanteuses and Motown divas and pop sensations who came before her, channelling all the pain of her becoming into the sound of an unstoppable lust for life, but where Ronnie Spector inspires the listener to love that man against all odds and Lady Gaga inspires us to let our freak flags fly high, Lauren LoGrasso reminds us that it takes a warrior to walk the Road to Glory.

You are that warrior as you listen and for as long as you let her message burn in your heart.

If you’re broken and the life ahead seems hopeless, this perfect, powerful song will lift you up and exalt the best thing in you, and remind you, maybe, that walking that road without wavering and sharing the struggle is a glory unto itself.

What more can we ask of music?

This is a song that owns up to the pain of the path, even as it keeps the soul of she who walks it vital and alive.

About The Author:

Jason M. Lucia is a media critic, columnist, and professional ghostwriter whose work has been published under several pseudonyms.  He was raised in Medford, MA.  He went to school in NY.  He lives to rhapsodize the stories he loves on the page and in the flesh.

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