Reno 911! Back w/ Reboot, ABTV Has All the Details!

Cult classic Reno 911! reboots on new platform, Quibi. “Most” of the cast returns. Find out whose back and who is not and why. Our reboot after show has all the details!

James Maple

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April 27th, 2020 8:10pm pst

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Afterbuzz TV Reno 911! Reboot Aftershow: The Pre Show

No, there is no need to readjust your clocks. No, you have not slipped into an alternate past dimension. You are reading that headline correctly. The year is 2020, and yes, Reno 911! is back for another trip in the squad car. Put on your aviators, pull up your tightest Lt. Dangle shorts and grease up your roller skates because the old crew is back and better than ever. 

Of course, Afterbuzz TV has you covered on everything you can expect from the May 4th, 2020 premier on the new streaming platform Quibi. Quibi, known for its short content, took on the project and we could not be any happier to see some of our favorite characters from the Reno 911! Take a look at some of our topics of discussion in our weekly Reno 911! Reboot Aftershow.

On our Preview/Premier Aftershow for Reno 911!, our Trina Dong, Elgin Ball and James Maple dish on everything they expect from the new season, predictions and breaking news. These three hosts know they’re stuff so we were confident that Trina, James and Elgin were the perfect deputy’s for this job. 

Starting off the show our hosts went into answering the most obvious questions. What, where and why Reno 911! Reno 911! had a long run on Comedy Central from 2003-2009. Mostly improv, the show became a cult classic and continued to garner a cult following many years after its end of production. 

In an interview with CBS Los Angeles, we got some insight into why the producers chose Quibi as their platform of choice by show creator and Lt. Dangle himself, Thomas Lennon. Lennon says:

“We have always talked about doing Reno 911! more. But there’s sort of a blessing and a curse. The blessing is everybody in the cast got so successful they all have their own shows. So the curse is trying to schedule a thing and have them all get together. It’s tough… we talked about it for quite a while, we never really found a scenario that would work. It comes down to a pretty specific person, Doug Herzog… 

Doug Herzog went to Quibi and he was like why don’t you guys come and do Reno 911!? We were like, well for your phone? I don’t know, then we thought about it, it’s a lot of the way you watch things anyway. There are 25 Reno 911!s coming out on Quibi. Keep in mind they are all in that 6-8 minute range. And the fact is, I wouldn’t change it now. I wouldn’t do any episode that’s longer than that. In this era, with my attention span, HELLS NO.”


That about sums up our questions of what, where and why, yet we really want to reiterate that point. Of course, we’d love the full 30 minute episodes of Reno 911! that we have grown used to, but things have changed in the past decade. How we consume media, our attention span and our engagement have descratically changed since the show’s end in 2009. Yet, the show runners adapted. Even the show’s creator, Thomas Lennon, couldn’t see the old format working in the ‘bite sized’ viewer engagement society we currently exist in. 

Our hosts continued their discussion moving on to who will actually be returning to the newest season airing on May 4th. You will be pleased to know that the great majority of the main cast will be returning. You can expect to see your favorites like Wiegel, Jones, Clemmy, Raineesha, Kimball, etc.


In the newest season of the show you can expect some new cast members. During this new season we can expect to see actors like Ron Pearlman and Tim Allen. One actor that we were surprised to see will be making a cameo is the always shocking Weird Al Yankovic. Take a look at his tweet below. 

While the reboot has its highs, it also has its lows. One fan favorite character that will not be returning is the rollerblading, smooth talking and always covered in apple flavored lube international pop star, Terry Bernardino, played by Nick Swardson. This was a super upsetting realization, as he is a fan favorite, but we understand Nick Swardson’s desire to let the character stay in the past.


Take a look at Nick Swardson’s explanation why below.

Our team here at ABTV also went into some personal encounters they have had with some of the cast members. James Maple gave us a story on how one night in Hollywood led to a signed DVD copy of season four by Terry Bernadino himself, Nick Swardson. Take a look below:

We finally ended our Preview Show with a wish list. Our hosts predicted who they thought would be the perfect additions to the current cast, given it has been over ten years since the last episode aired. James went with the incredible improvist Don Chealde, Trina chose the PERFECT comedienne Ali Wong, while our Elgin Ball went with the always funny Tiffany Haddish. We could absolutely see these three in beige, dawning aviators and yelling at Weigel for her latest half-baked antic. 

What do you think? Who would make the best addition to the reboot of Reno 911! What are you most excited for with the reboot? If you are a fan of Reno 911!, please share this article with a friend. Lastly, for the latest news on your favorite comedies, stay tuned to Afterbuzz TV for the latest updates!

About The Author:

James Maple is a LA based TV Host with a passion for music, interviews and outer space. A comedian at heart, James believes laughter, communication and a good 90s jam is a remedy for anything. You can follow him @terrelljamesmaple.

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