Remembering Robin Williams On His 69th Birthday

On Robin Williams birthday we remember some of the inspiring and motivational films he made and the positive impacts they have on mental health.

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Posted On: July 21st, 2020 5:42 pm pst

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Robin Williams is an unforgettable presence in this world. Even after his death he continues to inspire, teach, and motivate through his many great works and own suffering through mental health. 

On today, what would have been his 69th birthday, we honor him by showcasing some of the films he made that dealt with mental health, and the lessons they taught us. 

The Fisher King 

This film brought to light many aspects of mental illness including PTSD and schizophrenia. Williams did an amazing job of bringing this character to life in a way that helped audiences connect with someone that is traditionally labeled as crazy and not given a second thought. The film does such a good job, The National Alliance for Mental Illness lists this film as one of the top movies of all time to portray mental illness. 

Not only did he bring to light the severity of mental illness in a social aspect, but also the effects having one can have on a person’s life. In this case the issue of homelessness is brought up. Homeless people are often looked upon as druggies, lazy, or criminals. This film helped people sympathize with a homeless man and realize what a lack of mental health care can lead to, and how easily and quick life can change. 

Williams received an Oscar nomination for his role in this film. 

Good Will Hunting 

In what is considered one of Williams greatest roles, he plays a therapist helping a young man who is dealing with the effects of abuse. 

While a diagnosis is never confirmed in the film, there have been many speculations including PTSD, Attachment Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, etc… 

Williams brings an intense realness to his character who sympathizes with Hunting, but refuses to go easy on him and rather challenges him head on to overcome his past. 

His honest portrayal did a lot for mental health, including normalizing therapy and showing the positive influence it can have. 

Williams won an Oscar for his role. 

 The Birdcage 

This film led to a different kind of role for Williams and while the positive effects it had on mental health may not be clear to everyone, they were indeed there. 

In the film Williams plays a gay Miami drag club owner who lives with his life partner played by Nathan Lane. Together they have a son Val. When Val brings his fiance and her parents over, Lane must dress as a woman and the couple must present as straight to not upset them.

This film brought to light many aspects of the LGBTQ community and brought up serious issues of how people within the community are perceived by some. Many people within the community are affected by mental health due to the same issues brought up in this film. 

Williams light hearted but truthful performance showcased to the world the beauty and love LGBTQ couples have for one another. 

Patch Adams 

This film addresses many issues within the world that sadly still exist today. We see PTSD, Suicide, and the effects not having universal healthcare has on society. 

Williams’ character is the ultimate hero as he strives to help others, and bring humanity to ailing patients. 

In one of it’s more intense scenes we see Williams counter god when his good deeds lead to the demise of a loved one. 

These are just a few of the films that have made such an impact on the world, and continue to do so today. 

We remember and thank Robin Williams for the bright spirit he was, and the lasting effects he left on the world for the better. 

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