Recap of Netflix’s Latinx The Expanding Universe Of Ashley Garcia

Recap of Netflix’s Latinx The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia starring  Paulina Chávez and Jencarlos Canela! 

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Posted On: July 24th, 2020 12:40 pm pst

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Estamos muy EXCITED! For part 2 of Netflix’s Latinx The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia! If you have not checked out the series you are definitely missing out. This comedy series is perfect for the whole family.

Just a quick recap, the series follows 15-year-old teenage Latina Ashley Garcia played by Paulina Chávez. The only and youngest robotics engineer, and rocket scientist in the world who moves in with her uncle Victor [Jencarlos Canela] who is a football coach and former NFL placekicker. Not only is she living the California lifestyle but she gets the chance to work for NASA. With so much pressure of being a GENIUS, Ashley also is in the hopes of living a normal teenage life along with her friends, Brooke, Stick, and love interest, Tad. Did I mention the series is produced by actor and host Mario Lopez!

Now time for that review: SPOILER ALERT!

In part 2 Episode 1 ‘In Tad We Trust’  of Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love

We continue the journey, we see uncle Victor still upset over Ava leaving for Antarctica to pursue her dreams, which also led him to start writing music again. We also see that Ashley is in cloud nine over her first kiss with Tad at her first high school dance and if you know this has been her wish since the first time she met him. 

But it can’t all be rainbows and butterflies, as Tad and Ashley trust for one another will be tested. As Tad is a man of his word and his dad’s company motto, “We never Cancel”, promised ex-girlfriend Bella that he would clean her gutter. Tad’s dad owns, ‘Gutter Guys’ a rain gutter cleaning company. 

At first, Ashley was ok with it but it quickly changed when uncle Victor put doubt in her head and she quickly went over to check in on Tad and Bella. I like the fact that she trusted Tad at the very beginning, she liked that he kept his promises, but when you’re young you can fall for whatever friends or family members might tell you to believe in. Realizing that he gave his niece bad advice, uncle Victor quickly rushes over to Bella’s house to try to stop her but it’s too late and they both get into some crazy shenanigans.  

Another love interest that has definitely blossom it’s Brooke and Stick; who would’ve thought they went from not liking each other to dating! Total opposites do attract! With that being said Brooke is an outgoing teenager that enjoys attention and is always social. Now, Stick on the other hand has anxiety when he is around big crowds of people and not very social. That brings a little bit of heat when Brooke decides to surprise Stick with concert tickets. He quickly starts making excuses as to why he can’t go. I totally understand both sides, it is hard to comprise and be comfortable doing something you are not used to, and for someone like Stick that is not into big concert crowds it can definitely be scary. I liked the fact that he shared that with Brooke and even brought embarrassing photos to show her how it is for him. I think it’s important to learn from this and if we personally have someone that deals with anxiety, definitely talk to them and let them know you understand and what you can do to make them feel comfortable. 

Also, did you also catch that cameo at the end? Ladies and gentlemen… YES! Mario Lopez’s wife Courtney Lopez played the role of Bella’s mom. Does that mean we will see her in the future? We will have to wait and see!

Make sure to catch The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia Part 1 and Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love Part 2 streaming NOW on Netflix. Don’t forget to follow me at @jennifer.lopez.4 on Instagram and DM all your thoughts on the show. Catch you on my next review! 

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