Real Housewives of Potomac’s Wendy Osefo Message to Andy Cohen and Bravo: Let Us Have A Voice

Real Housewives of Potomac’s newest cast member, Wendy Osefo, on changes Andy Cohen and Bravo TV executives can make amid Black Lives Matter movement and Vanderpump Rules cast firings

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Posted On: June 13th, 2020 5:58pm pst

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Real Housewives of Potomac’s newest cast member, Wendy Osefo, will no doubt take our screens by storm when her powerful voice is shared on season 5 of RHOP, airing on Bravo TV this summer. 

An award-winning researcher, Wendy is a highly sought-after progressive political commentator and strategist. In addition to her extensive policy experience, Dr. Osefo has been interviewed by and provided commentary for the likes of CNN, MSNBC, Revolt TV, The Steve Harvey Show, Fox News, ABC and The Washington Post to name a few. She also has a daily political segment on syndicated radio entitled, “Things to Know, With Dr. Wendy O”.

Wendy joined AfterBuzz TV Hosts Jane Johnsen and Jeroslyn Johnson on their Bravo interview series “Watch What Else Happens” to discuss Wendy’s new role on RHOP, the Black Lives Matter movement, and how she believes we can make lasting change.


ABTV: A lot of your Housewives castmates, and from other franchises as well, have been very vocal about the recent firings of Vanderpump Rules cast members, Stassi, Kristen, Max and Brett. We noticed that you had an incredible comment on Bravo’s announcement of the firings, suggesting that Bravo TV create a shared vision with inclusionary practices based on the suggestions of some of the black cast members of the franchises. Could you elaborate a little bit on your vision for what Bravo can do to create positive change?

Credit: @wendyosefo

Wendy: I think that what happens in a lot of corporations or in a lot of academia is that you make policies for people, but those voices that you’re making policies for are not in the room. Or you react to instances that impact a certain population of people, but those people, again, are not in the room. So I think it’s really important for us as a nation to really look at this moment and see, ‘How many members of your board are black? How many people that are making decisions are black?’ Unfortunately, a lot of times you see an organization and they have black people working for them, but they’re not in the decision making role. And I think that’s really important. 

So for me, my charge that I’m giving to Bravo TV and to all organizations is, ‘What does it look like if you bring together the voices of color in the room to sit at the table, and you guys co-create a vision?’ Don’t come down and tell us what you’re gonna do, or what policies you’re gonna implement. Let us have a voice in the creation of those policies to see if it really impacts us. 

So I would love Bravo TV to bring aboard their talent, their executives of color, and see, ‘what would you guys like to see us do better? What do you guys think would lead the way as far as us being not just diverse, but inclusive? How does that look in your vision?’ A co-creation of a vision is something that I encourage all organizations to do.

ABTV: What more do you think companies or even networks like Bravo can do to not come off as if they’re trying to follow the BLM “trend”? 

Wendy: I think anything you do, in order for it to be genuine, has to be scalable. And what I mean by scalable is, it’s not something that we just do today as a knee jerk reaction. But it’s something that we hold our own feet to the fire and say, ‘This is our 10 year plan’. That’s a scalable solution. That is not necessarily “on trend”, that’s saying we are changing the culture of practice within this organization. So this is what we’re gonna do year one, this is what we’re gonna do year two, year three we reevaluate and based on that evaluation, we implement something for years four and five. 

Any solution that has a long term goal has to be a solution that is scalable and not just something that speaks to today. So yes, today is great, but I want to ensure that the people who come after me are not having to fight the same fight. So I think that scalable is the goal for all organizations.

Click here to watch Wendy Osefo’s full Watch What Else Happens interview with Jane Johnsen and Jeroslyn Johnson on AfterBuzz TV. 

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