Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Episode 14 Recap

Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna have another pow wow, a visit to the Vatican, and of course another eventful dinner. Check out the top 5 moments from this week’s RHOBH featuring Teddi Mellencamp tweets! 

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Posted On: August 13th, 2020 4:36 pm pst

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On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the ladies are still in Rome. Kyle and Dorit are back to their old fun shenanigans, Denise is really accusing Lisa of betraying their friendship and some of the ladies visit the Vatican. But before we get into that, let’s take a look back on what was said online leading up to this episode. 

The biggest thing that happened this week was Erika’s cryptic tweets both tweeted on the same day only minutes apart from each other: 

Besides that, no real drama online this week. The ladies are tweeting though hours before the premiere of this intense episode: 

And now… Here are the top 5 moments from tonight’s episode: 

1.Dinner Part 2: We start off at the dinner from last episode. Denise is claiming Brandi said she slept with another cast member. In her confessional Denise said she doesn’t want to say who it was because she doesn’t know if it’s true and “I frankly don’t care”. Teddi then decides to call Denise out on her relationship with Brandi. Here we start Denise vs Teddi. We finally see the whole scope of the relationship. Lisa finally says “someone’s not being honest”. Garcelle defends Denise and knida speaks for her after Dorit also sticks up for her. The dinner randomly turns into drinks. Erika now discusses her problem with Denise. Teddi and Lisa are wondering why Denise didn’t say all these things about Brandi the night before. Garcelle then starts to pick a fight with Lisa about her daughter’s body issues. Dorit tries to insert herself but Garcelle shuts that down. We end the dinner with a good cry from Denise. Still no resolution. Here’s what some of the housewives had to say on twitter about the scene: 

2. Lisa and Denise Showdown: Lisa and Denise meet for what appears to be the lobby the next morning. Lisa says she had texted Denise to check on her and gets the feeling Denise is mad at her. 

Meanwhile Kyle and Dorit are on an adventure wondering where Lisa is since she organized the excursion. 

Denise feels that Lisa is attacking her when the ladies are all together and is a mean friend. Denise wants to know what Lisa isn’t sticking up for her. Lisa comes back saying it wasn’t cool to bring up another Brandi accusation (the one when Brandi said she slept with someone else at the table). Lisa warns Denise “don’t tit for tat with me anymore.” Denise says she’s hurt and Lisa starts crying saying “I don’t want to hurt you”. Lisa continues saying she felt bad she never warned Denise this was going to come out. Denise extends a hand by asking Lisa to go to church with some of the group. Lisa ends the meeting with Denise saying “I want to be a better friend.” 

3. We Need Jesus: Garcelle, Sutton, Denise and Lisa all head to the Vatican and pray. Sutton threw some shade but posted this tweet during the show:

What’s nice is the ladies then explained their religious background and experiences and then we saw some iPhone footage of what St. Peter’s looked like. In Sutton fashion, she said in her confessional what she would have done differently if she organized the day. 

4. Chit Chat After the Showdown: Lisa finally reunites with Dorit and Kyle after their vespa adventure. Lisa explains how she had just had a breakdown when speaking to Denise. In her confessional Kyle explains she feels bad for Lisa but maybe she was trying to get to the truth. Lisa then tells the others how they need empathy and the whole group needs to show empathy towards the situation and that Denise is in pain. Dorit remind Lisa she would have acted that way towards anyone in the group though. Kyle reminds everyone “the key is to be honest.” 

5. New Day New Dinner: Of course before the dinner we need to see the fashion. And of course the twitter verse chimed in:

Ok now onto the juicy stuff. Denise has one mission for tonight: “I want to say my piece.”

Denise takes control of the dinner immediately with a toast and then announces “I want to say something”. Denise starts by bringing up the positives from speaking with Lisa earlier and then goes in with “to be brutally honest, there is so much judgement in this group.” She claims she’s on the receiving end of all the allegations and criticism. Kyle tries to chime in but Denise shuts that down immediately. We also learn that Aaron didn’t want Denise to go on the trip because he had a feeling things were going to turn sideways. 

Teddi in her confessional calls out Denise again by saying “She was the one who didn’t want to talk about this the night before, and now she comes with a perfectly prepared speech.” 

Denise then says this is the worst trip she’s ever taken in her life. She then calls the other ladies mean girls. Erika and Lisa take offense to the mean girls comment. While Dorit tries to make peace between the ladies and then Garcelle abruptly exits. Denise follows suit by saying “I’m going to go. I’ve said everything I wanted to say.” The other ladies are completely disgusted by what just transpired. 

Garcelle says she rather be home with her kids and she’s tired of the fighting. Both her and Denise talk outside and Denise leaves back to the hotel. We see the fourth wall broken when a producer tells Denise she shouldn’t leave. He tells her she can’t leave after making such a big speech and not hear anyone.  

And to think this happened all before the food came out. 

The ladies all agree they want to move forward and have fun on their last night in Rome. With that the ladies finally went around the table saying what was the most trouble each one of them got in when they were all teenagers. Then the conversations switched to the craziest place each lady had sex. A hospital, church parking lot, and commercial flight were a few of the places. The ladies have a toast “Let’s drop everything negative.” but we know how long that will last…

And that’s what you missed on the Real Housewives. Tune in next week! 

If you’re looking for more insight on tonight’s episode check out last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live with Kyle and Teddi. 


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