REACTION: Hannah Brown Makes Wild Return to The Bachelor

Written by: Jeffrey C. Graham – January 7th, 2020 4:40pm PT

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Hannah Brown made not one but two separate appearances on Peter Weber’s The Bachelor premiere last night, and Bachelor Nation is decidedly mixed on the decision. 

Hannah first showed up to classily return the pilot wings Peter gave her on night one, but then she reappeared to graphically recount the windmill night, in front of half the mansion, only to reopen a VERY messy can of worms about her regret for letting Peter go. 

Some of Bachelor Nation loved seeing Hannah’s return, praising her for her continued commitment to transparency and authenticity.

Kirsten Swagger tweeted: “If anyone speaks Hannah Brown slander on my timeline I will personally square up,” and Bach Bracket saying, “Honestly, if Peter just left with Hannah B & they cancelled this season, I really wouldn’t be mad.”

At the same time, not everyone in Bachelor Nation is here for Hannah’s constant presence in the episode, saying it’s time for the franchise to move on and focus on Peter.

Peyton Glover, captioning the gif of Hannah moving the rose ceremony pedestal last season says, ‘Hannah Should Have retired after this, because this was her peak…” and Bitchlor (3) offering: “I don’t like Hannah switching up on Peter & blaming him for not reaching out to her. She sent him home! She never mentioned him in that last episode! She asked Tyler out! SHE should’ve reached out. I‘m already upset this whole things gonna get in Peter’s head.”

At AfterBuzz, we’re somewhere in the middle, and we feel like Rachel Consoli (4) nailed it with her tweet, saying: “Me wanting Peter and Hannah forever but also wanting him to know he shouldn’t be anyone’s 3rd choice but also unable to deny their chemistry but also mad at Hannah for wasting her time with fuckbois when she could’ve had Peter but loving her & knowing she’s on DWTS.”

Either way, it’s a juicy season already, and we can’t wait to see what else is coming down the pike.

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