R&B Superstar Tamika Scott on Xscape’s Group Dynamic, Quarantine Cookbook, Mentoring Young Talent, & Upcoming Verzus w/ Jermaine Dupri & Dallas Austin

Written by: Bryant Santos – April 22nd, 5:33pm pst


Tamika Scott is best known as being part of the R&B Girl Group Xscape with classic chart topping hits like Just Kickin’ It in their repertoire. After being disbanded for 20 years, the group made a comeback in 2017, which was heavily documented on Bravo’s Still Kickin It docuseries. These days, Tamika has released her own album and is continuing to keep her creative juices flowing through writing a cookbook and keeping up with what’s happening in the music industry.

Tamika shared her thoughts on the fact that the state of Georgia, where she lives, is in the process of reopening, but Tamika feels like she’s gonna continue to Keep On, Keepin’ On from home for a while. Also, to keep busy during these crazy times, Tamika has been cooking up a storm and discussed how she’s even in the process of writing a cookbook after being inspired by the recipes she’s been cooking for her family and how much her fans and friends have been asking for her to share those recipes. Tamika said that these recipes are going to be easy enough, even for someone who doesn’t cook (aka me), and you’ll be able to tell how she cooks with so much passion and heart, which you can taste in her delicious recipes.

While Tamika was inspiring me to want to be a better cook and was also making me very hungry, we started discussing who were some of her musical inspirations. She threw out iconic names in the music industry like The Clark Sisters, Whitney Houston, and Stevie Wonder and she also mentioned that her father was a musician so she has a strong musical background.

Speaking of musical family members, Tamika Let Me Know that working with her sister LaTocha was so seamless throughout their time with Xscape as each member of the group played a certain role.

“We’re so different. I’m more outspoken, she [LaTocha] is more laid back, but when it comes to music, she knows her stuff. Everybody in the group had our own thing that we do and we fit well”, she shared.

Tamika shared these roles as she stated that Tiny was the fashionista of the group that focused on wardrobe and working with stylists to put together the group’s iconic outfits, LaTocha and Kandi spearheaded the musical component, and Tamika was the brains behind the operation from a planning and financial perspective.

Tamika was also sure to Keep It On The Real with me about how she had a big hand in the group’s 2017 comeback and the accompanying Bravo docuseries that followed the journey of this reunion tour. While Bravo called it a “docufollow”, Tamika thought it was definitely a reality show and she mentioned that it was quite different having her life so openly displayed on screen, as she is usually a private person.

It was Hard To Say Goodbye to Tamika as she was so sweet and incredibly fun to talk to, but before we left, I wanted to get Tamika’s take on the upcoming social media battle between Jermaine Dupri and Dallas Austin. Since Jermaine worked with Tamika and Xscape on their hit Just Kickin’ It, it came as no surprise to me that she was 100% in JD’s corner! “You know I root for JD! That’s fam”, she said.

Tamika did not hold back or give me The Runaround in this interview and I absolutely loved that about her. As we signed off, she was sure to shoutout her new EP as well as her daughter’s Instagram @officialyoungniyah, who is also a singer mentored by Tamika!

Do You Know what you should do now? Check out Tamika’s Instagram @therealtamikascott and follow her to keep up with her quarantine cooking, her new music, and all the other exciting things she has going on. I know I WIll!

Also, Tamika’s solo career ain’t Almost Over, it’s just getting started! So be sure to check out her new EP Family Affair, available for streaming now.

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