Ray Donovan’s Mysterious Return After Cancellation News

Written by: Rachel Goodman – February 12th, 2020 1:55pm pst

With the news of the Ray Donovan cancellation, many fans took to Twitter and social media, blasting Showtime for not renewing after we finished season seven on a cliffhanger. After all, they potentially killed Smitty, and we need answers!

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Liev Schreiber, who plays Ray, announced recently on Instagram that Ray Donovan fans had brought the show back.

“It seems like your voices have been heard,” he said in a message. “Too soon to say how or when, but with a little luck and your ongoing support, there will be more Ray Donovan.”

Once season seven ended, Schreiber pled with fans to lobby to save the show. This arrived right after an announcement by Deadline, stating RD would most likely end after the eighth season, the way Showtime’s Gary Levine always envisioned.

This will be the case with other long-running series on the Showtime network as well, and it sounds like the network is preparing for a new line of upcoming series to take their spots.

For instance, Shameless will return for its eleventh and final season while Homeland will return for its eighth and final. In place, super popular shows such as The L Word (which arrived in 2019) seem to be the next direction for the network bringing in a younger generation of viewers. Meanwhile, Billions, another hit show on the network, will return for its fifth season sometime in 2020.

Fortunately, before we say goodbye to Ray Donovan, we’ll be given the chance for a proper sendoff the way we’re receiving with both Shameless and Homeland.

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We finished seven with everything coming full circle, and Ray facing off against not only his father but Jimmy Sullivan as well. We experienced the plight of Bridget, Ray’s sister, and almost got the entire story of what happened the night she killed herself. Still, we were left with holes surrounding not only her death but the fate of most of the other characters after the final showdowns in episode ten.

It will be a bittersweet goodbye, for everyone who has been watching since the show’s inception in 2013, but at least we will get some closure with a final season eight.

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“So to all the Donofans who got their bats out and beat the odds. Thank you,” Schreiber finished with at the end of his post.

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