Ramy’s Hulu gets picked up for another season!

Hulu’s award-winning show Ramy is renewed for its third season! When will it come out? What will happen next?

Aya Faham

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Posted On: July 12th, 2020 12:17 pm pst

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Yesterday, it was announced that Hulu’s show Ramy was going to be picked up for season three! There has been no release date yet, but I would guess it would be the Friday after Ramadan next year as it was last year (even though having a third season to binge would make fasting easier).

Last season, we ended with Zainab and Ramy getting married! Then after they finally slept together, Ramy confessed that he slept with his cousin (Amani) the night before. Zainab was upset and left as Ramy woke up with his shaikh. Plus, Zainab’s father was in the bedroom with no Zainab. Now, that leaves us wondering what is going to happen in season three? Will we see Zainab and her father again…only time will tell.

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What I do want to see, however, is more stuff with the family. I think we missed that in season two. I I would love to see an episode with Ramy and Dena going on some sort of adventure together. I would also love to see more of what it is like to be a Muslim-U.S.-America in the United States. Plus, more interactions with Ramy and people who aren’t Muslim. Maybe even a commentary on the differences on being a Muslim man living in the United States versus a Muslim woman. There should also be an episode where they go to an Arabic party and everyone is doing dabke.

We also need the little things the family does to make them feel more real. I’d love to see Maysa roll some waraq 3naab, saying how her family doesn’t appreciate how much time she puts making food for them. Maybe a conversation where Farouk has to spell something with the letter “H” in it (if you’re Arab, you know where I’m going with that). Maybe Ramy catches Maysa cleaning his room and finding something not at all bad but assuming it is.


Whatever it is, I’m sure Ramy Youssef is going to come up with something great. I’m really looking forward to the new season, but until then, time to re-watch the previous two.

P.S. Is it considered a crime that Ramy hasn’t had Fairuz in the soundtrack yet?

Let us know what you would like to see in the third season of Ramy! 

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