Ramy S2 E9 & 10 Recap & After Show: Let’s Sheikh Things Up

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Join us as we follow Ramy’s journey through New York Career, Dating, Experiences, and more as a first generation egyptian-american. We’ll discuss the differences, the similarities, the controversy, and the life of others like him. On the RAMY AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST, our hosts will discuss each episode and bring you insider info. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date on all things Ramy!

Episode Recap

Episode 9 is essentially a deep dive into Uncle Naseem’s secret life. We see him in a completely different light –isolated, lonely, and torn with his identity. We find out that he has been intimate with multiple men– both in his past and in his present, and the internal struggle and frustration this causes him. Episode 10, the final episode of the season, revolves around Ramy and his imminent marriage. Things get dicey when his cousin he had a complicated relationship with comes to visit from Egypt. Ramy’s feelings for her resurface and he cheats on his soon to be wife the night before their wedding. When he confesses this to his wife on their wedding night after she loses her virginity to him, things take an interesting turn the next morning. Her father, the sheikh, visits. The trust and relationship have been entirely severed. Ramy has hit rock bottom. Will he ever find his way? Hopefully, we will get another season so our questions will be answered.
This show was hosted by: Tehran Von Ghasri, Mina Naidine Wahab, Amir Yassai, and Nikki Bailey

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