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on Video Games and Virtual Schoolwork

Written by: Bryant Santos, March 27th 2020, 12:48am pst

Will Buie Jr.  Interview

Credit: Disney Channel

Will Buie Jr. is making us laugh on Disney Channel’s camp comedy, Bunk’d, and he joined me for the most comfy interview ever, while still in his PJs.

When I asked how he’s keeping busy during these crazy times, he mentioned he’s still got a lot going on. “I’m keeping busy by doing some schoolwork, playing some video games, hanging out with my family, ping-pong, all that really fun stuff”, he said. As a lover of video games myself, I also wanted to know what his favorite games were, and he had quite the list! “Right now, I’m really liking Fortnite and GTA 5. Those are probably my top two favorites. I also really like Forza Horizon 4”, he said.

I also asked Will how he’s still being social, while we’re all social distancing, and he mentioned that FaceTime is his new best friend. “I like to do FaceTime whenever we’re doing our schoolwork, but other than that, we’re not allowed to hang out, like ‘cause of all this quarantine stuff going on”.

Before we got back to our quarantined days, Will also mentioned a fun way that he’s interacting with his fans on social media. Will has been hosting “Fan Fridays” on his Instagram, where he goes live to talk with fans about Bunk’d and lots of other fun things he has going on.

You can catch Will on the campy sitcom Bunk’d, Fridays at 8PM on Disney Channel. And if you want to join Fan Fridays, check out Will’s Instagram @willbuiejr on Fridays at 7E/4P. Will also recently made a TikTok @wbjr and you won’t want to miss his hilarious TikTok videos.

Check out Will’s full interview here and be sure to catch all our interviews for AfterBuzz TV’s Quarantine With The Stars!

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