The Rookie’s Titus Makin Hints at New Music!

Quarantine With The Stars: Titus Makin talks on his new music and a new love of cooking

Written by: Bryant Santos, April 1st 2020, 11:44am pst

Titus Makin aka Butterfly Ali stars on ABC’s The Rookie, but when he’s not throwing bad guys in jail, he’s absolutely throwing down in the recording studio. Titus sat down with me to talk about his new music and how he discovered a new love of cooking while in quarantine.

When I asked about his recent single release, “Righteous”, he shared what inspired the song and the positive message it conveys.

“I came up with the idea for that one because of people who I felt, kind of, were either persecuting me, or witness, kind of, make judgments towards other people. And it’s like, so soon we forget that we’re just as flawed and messed up. But so quick people are to think that they’re better than somebody. It’s really about those who think that they’re righteous, or self-righteous”, he shared.

credit: Titus Makin Jr. (@titusmakin) on Instagram

Titus is spreading all kinds of love and positivity through his music; but during quarantine, he also discovered a new love: cooking.

“I discovered that I enjoy cooking, didn’t know I enjoyed cooking. And I was like oh, I actually like having control over what I’m gonna eat. Like, I plan for it. I’m like, oh tonight I’m gonna prepare the salmon, that’ll be nice”, he said with a chuckle.

To send us off, Titus shared a scripture that he believes will help everyone get through these trying times, “This too shall pass”.

credit: Titus Makin Jr. (@titusmakin) on Instagram

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