The Politician’s Rudy Pankow Dives Deep on HB142

Quarantine With The Stars: Rudy Pankow Speaks on on HB142 and How It Affected the Outer Banks

Written by: Bryant Santos, April 1st 2020, 10:38am pst

Rudy Pankow made us laugh on Netflix’s The Politician and he’s traveling to the Outer Banks for his latest project with the streaming giant. Rudy joined me for an insightful discussion about Netflix’s stance on HB142 and how it affected the production of Outer Banks.

Netflix: @obx on Instagram

“Yeah, I mean, we didn’t really get briefed on a whole lot about it, other than Netflix standing up for rights for those who are trans, or go by a different gender. And some laws in North Carolina weren’t allowing people to do that, and they would have to go into the stall or bathroom that they were biologically, um, born in, or born as. And Netflix was like, no, we’re not gonna support that and so if you’re not changing that, we’re gonna shoot in South Carolina. I mean that’s all I know about that topic really, and I support that” he shared.

Rudy Pankow (@rudeth) on Netflix

Rudy also discussed how even though they weren’t shooting on location in The Outer Banks, the team working on the show were well-versed in the area and were still able to bring it to life on screen.

When talking about our current state of quarantine, Rudy also mentioned that we should all work together to flatten the curve and keep ourselves safe.

If you want to catch Rudy at The Outer Banks, check him out when Outer Banks (aka OBX) premieres on Netflix on April 15th. Also, if you want to see more of Rudy, his shirtless pics, or his harmonica concerts (because literally same), don’t forget to check out his Instagram @rudeth!

credit: Rudy Pankow (@rudeth) on Netflix

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