Claws’ Jenn Lyon Is making A Difference During Covid-19

Quarantine With The Stars: Jenn Lyon speaks on Healthcare Professionals and Helping Women

Written by: Bryant Santos, April 1st 2020, 11:23am pst

Need a mani-pedi? The women of TNT’s Claws have got you covered. I sat down with Jenn Lyon, who also plays a Jenn in the series, and we chatted about workers who are helping the COVID19 epidemic as well as how Claws is helping women everywhere.

credit: TNT

For an established actress like Jenn, who got her start on the grand stages of Broadway, training is EVERYTHING. But, Jenn told me that with all that’s happening on the world stage today, training has taken a back seat.

“I’m really concerned with, like, healthcare professionals and people losing their jobs. I’m trying to run errands for old people. I think we should be donating blood, like, I”m not concerned with acting right now”, she shared.

Maybe this is because Jenn is already #BookedAndBusy showing us just how sharp her claws and her acting skills are every week on TNT’s Claws.

credit: TNT

Either way, I was so happy that Jenn shared such a positive message with me and that she shared even more about empowering women, her time on Broadway, and even some adorably hilarious embroidery work she’s been doing to keep busy during quarantine.

If you want to catch up with Jenn, use your claws to pick up your phone and find her on Instagram and Twitter @thejennlyon. You can also use those claws to pick up your remote and catch Jenn PLAY Jenn on TNT’s Claws, which returns for its fourth and final season later this year.

credit: TNT

You can also use your claws to open your laptop and catch Jenn’s full interview here as well as catch up on all the episodes of AfterBuzz TV’s Quarantine With The Stars.

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