Queen Of The South’s Hemky Madera On Life At home

Quarantine With The Stars: Hemky Madera speaks on Home Life and Helping Others

Written by: Bryant Santos, April 1st 2020, 12:10pm pst

Hemky Madera plays the right hand man to a drug queenpin on USA Network’s Queen of the South; but in real life, he’s a family man who lends his spare time to supporting worthy causes. Hemky joined me for an interview to talk about the people he cares about most as well as his inspiring philanthropic endeavors.

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Before our interview, I learned that Hemky is a lover of golf and the guitar, so I wasn’t surprised when he mentioned those are two of the ways he’s staying busy during quarantine.

“I’ve been learning how to play the piano, so I am–you know–taking my app lessons every day and I’m taking my guitar lessons virtual as well. But, I’m playing a lot with the kids, just hanging out with the kids and playing baseball in the backyard. Throw the ball around. Golf in the backyard. Just cooking a lot with my wife Jesse and hearing her–you know–perform her music is amazing as well, so check her out @jesselynnmadera”.

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After sweetly shouting out his wife and talking about his home life, Hemky also shared some of the work he’s done to promote positivity in the lives of others.

“Back in the Dominican Republic, I did an event called ‘Quiéreme Como Soy’, ‘Like Me How I Am’, and it was just, from down syndrome to any disability, from autism to down syndrome. It just showed that they’re human beings. They’re loving, funny, human beings with their emotions, like you and me are, and from most of the time growing up, people always mistreated people with down syndrome, and they’re just…they’re just human. They’re just funny. That’s the only thing I can say. They’re funny people, like you and me. They get sad. They get happy. They’re just like us. We’re all equal”, he said.

After that incredibly positive message, Hemky sent us off with another positive message about our current state of quarantine.

credit: @hemkymadera on Instagram.

“Well, just remember this will pass as well. It’s very sad what we’re going through right now. Just stay healthy, stay inside if you can, and if you do have to go because you have to go to work, protect yourself. Protect yourself, so you can protect others”, he stated.

If you want to reach out to Hemky to thank him for all the positivity he’s spreading, you can find him on Instagram and Twitter @hemky. You can also catch him as Pote on USA Network’s Queen of the South, when it returns later this year.

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