Derek Hough of World of Dance & Dancing With the Stars Killing TikTok game with GF Hayley Erbert, Quarantine Dance Parties, and Drake’s Toosie Slide

Written by: Chelsie Overocker – April 11th, 2020 10:32pm pst


One of our favorite World of Dance judges is keeping busy during quarantine by….dancing, of course! 

If you haven’t already, you want to join TikTok because this is the perfect time to get creative with making cool videos during your down time. 

If you’re lost on what content you should create just turn to Derek Hough because he is KILLING it on his TikTok game…with his adorable pets, we might add. 

Our first favorite TikTok is Derek performing a dance to Toosie Slide by Drake and we are impressed. No wonder he won six record seasons of Dancing with the Stars.  

Credit: Derek Hough’s TikTok

“It go right foot up, left foot, slide. Left foot up, right foot, slide. Basically, I’m sayin either way, we about to slide.” 

 Well..basically what we’re sayin is we couldn’t help but replay this TikTok over and over again. Please, please Drake put Derek in one of your upcoming music videos. 

Next, Derek flipped the switch by giving us goals on how we all would like to act in the morning after waking up. 

In the video he walks into the kitchen holding his cute kitty and making Nespresso coffee while hitting the right vocal notes. 

Credit: Derek Hough’s TikTok

“When your coffees too hot”

Derek, your coffee isn’t the only thing that’s hot…it’s also this TikTok and we aren’t the only ones! Right now, he currently has 3.4 million views and we are about to make it 3.5. This video is giving us vibes! 

If you need some down time and would like to meditate, you can attempt to do what Derek does which is create art by drawing. 

“In the past when I’ve been forced to take a seat and isolate after an injury, surgery, mental or emotional well being, I’ve found Art to be incredibly therapeutic…Art is a way I meditate and connect.” 

That’s awesome Derek that you were able to find a hobby that helps relax you. Not only are you a triple threat where you can sing, dance, and act but you can draw masterpieces! 

Here we thought we were getting “creative” by completing a 1,000 peice puzzle.

Derek is also getting creative by choreographing dance routines for him and his girlfriend [Hayley Erbert] who are couple goals! They make quarantined relationships look fun and we’re taking notes. 

“Dancing on a Monday”

If our weeks started off like this I think our Mondays would be our new Fridays. Going forward we’re adding dance routines on our calendar on Monday mornings right after coffee hour.  

If Monday dances aren’t enough for these two Derek and Hayley choreographed a Quarantine Dance Party. Can we please be invited? Through Zoom of course! 

Derek and Hayley prove that it can be fun staying home and the best part of this TikTok…they are dressed in animal print onesies! We suddenly feel like they just became our new best friends. 

Let us know when the next Quarantine Dance party is. Your dance moves are magic! 

Speaking of magic…have you checked out Derek’s TikTok where he is “effortlessly” stacking red solo cups on top of each other!

 Even though this video is in reverse (spoiler alert) after watching this TikTok we all wish we would have known Derek when we were in college. He would make a great flip cup partner. 

Make sure you are following Derek on TikTok to get inspired by his dance moves. Derek and Hayley please do another Quarantine Dance Party! If you do, we have you covered. 

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