Quarantine Binge: Why Gilmore Girls Is The Perfect Show For Getting Through Lockdown

Wishing you could take a vacation away from this pandemic? Why not take a trip back to Stars Hollow with  Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, Milo Ventimiglia, and  Keiko Agena. Gilmore Girl is the perfect show to watch during quarantine. 

Danica Creahan

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Posted On: July 28th, 2020 8:19 pm pst

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The air is so crisp you can feel it through the screen. The coffee. The endless “Lalalalala” playing through all the pensive strolls. It may just be a multipurpose set on the Warner Brothers lot, but to fans, it was home. 

Stars Hollow is definitely fictional, but with most of us stuck in our homes for the majority of our days, it feels about as real as any other far away location. Here’s why a trip down memory lane to visit our favorite mother daughter duo in the picturesque-pretend Connecticut town of Stars Hollow is the perfect quarantine pastime! 

Rory Gilmore is a Saint. With all the chaos and negativity swirling around in the world, Rory’s pure and positive intentions and outlook are much needed factors in our lives. Her commitment both to her dreams and to her consistent kindness should be an inspiration to us all… 

Lorelai Gilmore is tenacious as hell. Lorelai’s resilience may be hidden beneath her quick-wit and impeccable style, but she is certainly one fantastic, strong single-mother. Her stubborn refusal to give up on anything or anyone makes her an ideal candidate for a quarantine buddy. 

Lane Kim’s Covertly Kick Ass Personality was the blueprint for us all in our teen years. Lane knows what it’s like to live with strict parents. For those of us forced to move home during quarantine, we could all learn a thing or two from her regarding covert tactics to maintain our individuality without ruffling any feathers at the dinner table. Anyone remember her iconic closet?

In fact, the show might feel even more relatable to us all now with what I’m sure are newly elevated tensions between family members. Whether you’re a Lorelei, a Rory, or a Lane, navigating a tough, yet somehow tight knit family is familiar to all of us fans. Who knew our binge watching was really prep for the pandemic? Of course, you could be a Jess, and just escape out the back door…

Ah yes, the Jess of it all. If you aren’t dying to rewatch this show for the strong women and lasting familial/friendship bonds, then I guess there’s always Jess… or Dean… or Logan- Hey, where did Chad Michael Murray’s character get off to anyway? 

There are a few things Gilmore Girls never skimps on, the coffee, the snacks, and the love- be it platonic or swooningly romantic. All things we very much need to get through this turbulent time. 

 I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly ready to take a trip home to Stars Hollow. 

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