Three Stars Commit to Growing Their Beards Till Quarantine Ends!: Jim Carrey, Kevin Hart and Will Smith

Written by: Sean McHugh  – April 9th 2020, 12:46AM PST


Shakespeare said it best….sort of.

Between the latest fashion trends and self-quarantining, there has never been a better time in recent history to grow a beard. 

As a young man, I remember the excitement I had at the thought of growing facial hair. Goatees were all the rage.  My best friend, who was of Italian descent, could grow one almost on cue, and I knew in my heart of hearts that it was the key to unlocking my manhood. 

Unfortunately, what sprouted out of my face resembled more catfish than evil twin, and thus my dreams of beardom would have to wait.  In fact, it wasn’t until two years ago that all the stars aligned, and I was finally able to grow a beard. Like a lot of men, I wasn’t even sure I actually had the ability. But my patience paid off, and now it’s hard to remember life without it.

All this is to say that for a man, growing a beard is a rite of passage. However, because of workplace restrictions, spousal preferences, or just plain uncertainty, allowing your inner Viking to reveal itself hasn’t always been easy. We are now in unprecedented times, and one of the advantages of staying at home and social distancing is eliminating the need to shave your face.  Apart from the occasional Zoom meeting for work, you can literally hibernate while letting nature take its course. And, as with everything, celebrities are no exception. In fact, some are even at the forefront, using this time to grow out, and even show their natural grey.

Jim Carrey announced via twitter  that he is going to grow his beard until the quarantine is lifted. 

Day 1. I’m growing a beard until we all go back to work. I’ll post reg pics so you can marvel at the miracle of my meaningless transformation. Normally, I try to stay on the cutting edge of entertainment. Now I shall conquer the uncutting edge. Please join me. #letsgrowtogether

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Who else lettin’ their beard grow out?!

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Will Smith posted a funny video on IG saying, “I don’t know why ya’ll actin’ surprised, I been rocking a beard forever!” He then cuts to scenes of himself in I,Robot, Men in Black, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and The Pursuit of Happiness with superimposed beards.  He even gives one to his son Jayden Smith for extra giggles.

In his “Confessions from the Hart” series on IG, Kevin Hart revealed that he covers the gray in his beard. “I got stories for days 🤷🏾‍♂️😂 P.S I have always had a shit load of grey hair…I was just a frequent dyer 😂😂😂😂…I’m not working right now so I said FUCK IT 😂”

So whether you’re new to letting your bristles blossom or a wiley veteran of the whiskers, #quarantinelife is the perfect opportunity to go full caveman!  And when all of this is over, when life has gone back to normal, even if your follicle experiment doesn’t pan out, you must always remember: “Tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of facial hair mockery, than to never have bearded at all.”

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Sean McHugh is an award winning actor, filmmaker, host, and podcaster. Born and bred on cheesesteaks and Rocky, he hopes you’re at least laughing at him, if not with him.

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