MTV Quaran-Teen Mom OG Star Mackenzie Mckee Snapchats Back at Fans Blaming Josh for Black Eye

Written by: McKenzie Fayne – April 21st, 2020 4:27pm pst


Mckee took to her Snapchat Story Tuesday April, 21st to confront the many fan comments of her having a black eye. Mckee has joined MTV’s Teen Mom OG cast after being pulled from the Teen Mom 3 cast. With her storyline being both dramatic and relatable, the mom of three has shared the ups and downs of her relationship with husband Josh Mckee for the last 8 years. This season on Teen Mom OG, Mckee’s marriage is faced with infedelity, heartache, and struggles to stay afloat. 

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Despite the marriage struggles that fans see on the show, Mckee and husband Josh are working things out. There are many who are skeptical of their relationship and it is not a surprise that fans over-analyze every part of her life and relationship. So when fans were tweeting that Mckee looks like she has a black eye and they hope it doesn’t have anything to do with Josh, she took to her Snapchat Story to clear the air. 

“On the show I have been getting tweets and obviously there has been my marriage problems on Tv but everyones is like oh my gosh Mackenzie has a black eye. Oh my gosh, which if someone gave me one black eye I’d give them two, so I’ve never had someone give me a black eye, but I’m like why do people think I have black eyes, look at me, It’s my mascara, I always let it spear and I never wipe it off, so that’s why.”

Although Mckee cleared the air on her mysterious black eye situation, she  is still keeping husband Josh off of her social media in attempts to avoid conflict with fans. We won’t be seeing Josh in their day to day lives on social media but we do know they are back together and mending their relationship as seen on the current season of Teen Mom OG which airs every Tuesday night on MTV

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