Teen Mom Star Mackenzie Mckee Criticizes MTV For Showing Only The Worst Following Mother’s Passing

MTV (Quaran) Teen Mom Star Mackenzie Mckee Not Happy With MTV After Showing “Only The Worst” Of Her Life 

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Posted On: May 6th, 2020 2:22 pm pst

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Mackenzie Mckee, 25, mother of son Gannon, 8, daughter Jaxie, 6, and son Broncs, 3

has faced her biggest challenge yet, and this season 8 of Teen Mom OG captures every minute of it. Mckee is not happy with what MTV chose to share of her life. The most recent episode of the hit reality series captures Mckee in the wake of her mother Angie Douthit’s death. Mckee took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the episode and how unhappy she is with how her life is being portrayed. 

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“They filmed so much good stuff. With my mom, with Josh and I. And all that’s shown is the worst of the worst. That is not who we are,” she wrote. The episode showed McKee’s home life, featuring an intense fight with husband Josh Mckee just weeks after Douthit’s death. McKee said the footage does not reflect the usual state of her house or her relationship with her husband.

“And I keep my house so clean, especially when filming and they decided to make it a huge point tonight to show how messy the boys’ room was one month after my mom passed. Like, cleaning was something that’s on my mind.  Ehh, my heart hurts that this is even going to air,” the star tweeted.

Mckee’s rocky relationship with husband Josh Mckee has also been a focal point once again this season. The pair split in August after six years of marriage and ten years together but have since vowed to work on their relationship. Mckee does not feel Josh Mckee is being shown in an authentic light, as she took to Twitter to explain,  “Josh dropped everything he had and was doing and moved in with my dad for over a month to help out and support us. Was there as best as he could be. None of that will be shown in honor of her. But a fight will be shown. The very episode of her funeral. I’m sick to my stomach,” she added

We feel for Mckee and would have loved to see more of the positive moments between her and her family. Let us know what you think of Mackenzie Mckee’s clap back to MTV! Comment below, and if you love Mackenzie Mckee, Teen Mom, and ABTV Quaran-Teen Mom Weekly, share this article with a friend.  Tune in daily to AfterbuzzTV for articles, aftershows, and all the latest news on the world of entertainment.

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