Quaran- Teen Mom Mackenzie Mckee Reflects on Rejoining Teen Mom Cast After Tragic Passing of her Mother Angie Douthit

Mackenzie Mckee from MTV Quaran-Teen Mom 2 Opens Up About Filming The Loss Of Her Mother

McKenzie Fayne

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Posted On: April 30th, 2020 2:21 pm pst

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Mackenzie Mckee, 25, mother of three young children Gannon, 8, Jaxie, 6, and Broncs, 3 has been through a lot in the past year. Fans have watched Mckee struggle to maintain her marriage to husband Josh Mckee for several years on MTV’s hit series Teen Mom. On this week’s April 28th episode Mckee’s mother Angie Douthit passed away after a long battle with cancer. The episode aired almost 5 months after her passing, giving the family time before reliving this difficult time through the show’s airing. As Mckee said it herself in an interview with HollywoodLife “I’m surviving. But I’m kind of glad that the show doesn’t air live because I got some time to gather myself.” 

Although it was difficult to experience her mother’s death on camera Mckee believes this will help viewers who “are going through this, will go through or have gone through this and they needed this.” She explained to Hollywood Life , “Since the day [my mom] got sick, I thought mom mom was going to survive. I just did. She was Superwoman and she did just the unimaginable. And I just thought, there’s no way she’d die. The world needs her. She’s powerful. Doctors gave her three months and then she made it to a year. I thought that’s what her story on the show was going to be — she’d survive. I never went [to the worst case scenario] in my mind. So when it did happen, I then realized how hard it was to share my story. My life fell apart after I said yes to returning to the show, but it’s been a humbling experience because people are relating to it.”

Mackenzie gave HollywoodLife an inside scoop on what’s to come this season on Teen Mom OG saying it won’t be “a bed of roses because the grieving process is strange and sometimes very hard. I’m sharing my story, and… it gets rough.” New episodes of Teen Mom OG air Tuesdays at 8pm on MTV.

The outpour of support Mckee has received from fans is tremendous and it is nice to see how gracefully she has handled such a tragedy. It does sound like Mckee has plans for her future that involve more kids! “I would have five kids [if I could],” the mom-of-three said to HollywoodLife. “I would love to adopt from another country, or take in a kid who really needs a home. I’m praying for an opportunity like that.” Let us know your thoughts on Angie Douthit’s passing and if you can relate to Mackenzie’s family story. We’d love to hear some positive success stories as well! Comment below, and if you love Mackenzie Mckee and Angie Douthit, Teen Mom, and ABTV Quaran-Teen Mom Weekly, share this article with a friend.  Tune in daily to AfterbuzzTV for articles, aftershows, and all the latest news on the world of entertainment.

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