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AfterBuzz Tv’s The Titan Games Aftershow: Stuntwoman, Ninja Warrior and The Rock’s chosen Titan, Jessie Graff, talks possible new tv show with mother, injuries, and competing on the Titan Games 

Elysa Acosta-Millan

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Posted On: July 10th, 2020 12:22 pm pst

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Speaking about her experience being on the show with The Rock “I hadn’t met him before the competition…My favorite was when they first had us meet him to do the promo, umm he was supposed to read off like introductions for each one of us, and they had written out like ‘Jessie Graff crazy stuntwoman,’ and he immediately looked at it and goes ‘Can we get a different adjective for her?’ Graff appreciated that and went on to say, “It’s so important to us as stunt people to be seen as like careful, calculated scientists of our art…we’re not trying to take ridiculous risks and get hurt. We’re responsible for our safety and the actors’ safety…As an actor, he knows that, and it meant so much to me that he pointed it out and fixed it for me.”

Graff on getting injured on The Titan Games, “I actually came into it pretty injured…The day that I got called for The Titan Games, I was at the doctor’s office about to get stem cell injections in my neck, both shoulders and both elbows…I was about to take a couple months off to recover when I got that call, and so there was a huge consideration of talk with the producers to figure out what physical challenges I’m going to have and are they going to put me at much greater risk…And so, as a stunt person, one of my specialties is like really evaluating the situation for where there could be dangers, and luckily, it looked very reasonable to me…I felt pretty safe as far as not being worried about getting injured.” 

Graff, who came in as a Titan, lost her first competition on Mount Olympus, and then came back to battle it out in the Regional Finals. She crushed the first competition(Hammer Down) in the finals! Graff said she studied technique from previous competitors in last season and then did some technique practice of her own. “I went to production, and I borrowed an umbrella. I taped two water bottles to it and set up a target with couch cushions in the green room, and I practiced, and I filmed myself.” 

She talked about her second competition, Resistance, before getting eliminated for good in the finals. “She (Kelly Valdez) has a lot of strength and size on me…we were both 100% confident that she was going to slingshot me out of the arena…and so my goal was to get to one barrel fast enough that I could hook onto it and use it as an anchor, so that now she wasn’t just pulling my weight but she was pulling my weight plus a 75-pound barrel, which made up for our weight difference immediately…as soon as I got out of my plank position, and raised my weight a little bit, she was able to yank me off my feet.” Valdez ended up winning the competition, eliminating Graff by one barrel thrown over the edge and seconds remaining on the clock. 

When asked about there being anything hard for her to re-watch “It was probably just the fact that in the first episode I was in they they didn’t include me finishing(on Mount Olympus)…They were so nice, the producers, umm they’re looking for like the old footage and they’re gonna let me post the video of my my battle with the boulder…cuz I think that’s so important, especially for kids to see like the the concept of never giving up, even though it feels impossible, finding a different way and keeping keeping at it!” Thanks for being a great role model, Jessie!

Photo courtesy of Jessie Graff on Ninja Warrior

“When I compete on Ninja Warrior, I usually designate one person who is going to give me technical advice so that I can keep an ear out for just that one person, and everything else is kind of noise…That’s another mistake I made(on The Titan Games) is I didn’t make that designation,” Graff said regarding family and friends in the audience. 

On what’s next for her “Trying to do a little bit more acting.” She also talked about a new pitch for a tv show and also Ninja Warrior. “I’m trying to pitch one where my mom and I would do like Fit Family Makeovers, where we would like to go to spend some time with a family that is having trouble building healthy habits…I would teach the kids, and my mom would teach the parents umm ways to incorporate fun exercise into your daily life and how to eat healthy….And then, of course, Ninja Warrior is shooting in like a week…I’m in my last week of training, kind of tapering off, hoping I’ve gained enough strength back…After Titan Games, I did go back and get the rest of those stem cell injections, and have been rebuilding it (strength) for the past four months.”

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