Princesses: Long Island After Show

Princesses: Long Island After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Bravo’s Princesses: Long Island

Show Summary: This reality series follows the lives of six college-educated women who have pampered lifestyles in their parents’ homes on “Longuyland,” or Long Island — as it’s pronounced by outsiders. Although they live in luxury and have good family dynamics, the ladies face pressure from loved ones to find husbands and settle down. The gals featured on the show include entrepreneur Amanda, who believes she has found Mr. Right in boyfriend Jeff; blond bombshell Casey, who splits her time between Manhattan and Jericho, N.Y.; event planner Erica, who enjoys hanging out with her boyfriend and spending time with her family; sharp-tongued entrepreneur Joey, who is in no rush to settle down after having her heart broken by “the one”; social butterfly Chanel, who falls in love quickly and usually ends up heartbroken; and self-confident Ashlee, who feels her nearly perfect life is missing only the man of her dreams.


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