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AFTERBUZZ TV – Pretty Little Liars edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. In this episode, host Deidre Behar breaks down the Halloween special episode “The First Secret” in which it’s the Halloween before Alison disappeared and where all of the secrets and lies began for Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer. At the costume shop, Noel startles Alison by grabbing her from behind and covering her mouth while wearing a scary mask. Alison is ruffled, but not upset. After meeting Jenna, she gets an anonymous text that says “I’m watching you” from a blocked number. Later, Aria and Alison go out for frozen yogurt. While they are walking, Mona sees them and calls out to join them. Aria looks inclined to stop, but Alison propels Aria forward in attempt to lose Mona. They run until they turn a corner past some bushes, then stop in their tracks when they see Byron and Meredith making out in his car. Byron is all smiles until he spots his daughter and her crestfallen face. Next, Alison is seen sitting on her bed when Jason tossed a package from the porch to her. Inside is a burlap doll with a red heart and a pin and a note that says “It’s my turn to torture you.” The gang goes to a Halloween party hosted by Noel. Some time later, Emily is sitting outside alone. Hanna joins her, wondering where Alison is. The other Liars join up, and they get a text that reads “I’m in trouble, come alone” from Ali, directing them to the scary house’s address. So, they all hurry over there. They find Ali in a locked room. Seemingly terrified, she recounts that someone grabbed her and brought her there threatening to kill her with a knife. Nobody can get a signal to dial 911 from their cell phones, so Ali goes out alone. Then she screams, but the door is now bolted and they can’t open it. Through the keyhole they see a big fight with her and costumed guy with a knife. Ali knees him and runs off, and the Liars get out through a conveniently open window. They go back in the house, and Ali is rocking in a chair, brandishing a knife and looking completely insane, but she says it was all a hoax. Noel was the zombie, the blood was ketchup (which she meanly offers to a tearing Hanna), and they “passed the test.” Back at the party, Noel then approaches Ali to apologize, but she tells him it was perfect—but then realizes he’s apologizing because he didn’t make it to the plot; he was stuck at the party, not because he had been too rough with her. Then, Alison gets a text: “Dying to know who I am? You’ll find out. –A.” There to help Deidre are co-hosts David Schifilliti, Aubrie De Bear, Stephanie Chapluk and Sydney De Bear. Also in studio is special guest Sasha Pieterse who plays Alison DiLaurentis. It’s Pretty Little Liars’ “The First Secret” podcast!

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