Premieres For The Week Of March 21st, 2021

We have everything airing on TV and on streaming this week, including ‘Geinus: Aretha’, ‘Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil’, ‘Q: Into the Storm’, ‘The Irregulars’, ‘The NAACP Image Awards’ and more!

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Premieres For The Week Of March 21st, 2021

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This week television has everything from delayed premieres, anticipated reality shows and documentaries, award shows and more.

Keep reading to see everything airing this week!

Sunday March 21st

Genius: Aretha

The 3rd season of the historical anthology series premieres. This season focus on the life and work of Aretha Franklin. The series was originally supposed to air back in May of 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic. Franklin will be portrayed by Cynthia Erivo and the series also stars Courtney B. Vance, Rebecca Naomi Jones, Pauletta Washington, Patrice Covington, David Cross, and Malcolm Barrett. The season is 8 episodes long with new episodes airing every night at 9pm ET on National Geographic. The entire series will be available on Hulu on Monday March 22nd.

The Gloaming

The limited crime thriller series premieres. A woman is found brutally murdered and her death is connected to murders both past and present. Two women detectives who share a tragic past are brought together to solve the crime that involves the occult, political corruption, and shady business practices. The series will be 8 episodes long with new episodes airing every Sunday at 8pm ET on STARZ.

Q: Into the Storm

The new political docu-series premieres. The new series dives into the world of the conspiracy theory believing group, QAnon. It will explore how the group uses information warfare to manipulate the way people think. The series is headed by Cullen Hoback who over the span of 3 years traveled the globe to find information about the group. The series will be 6 episodes long with 2 episodes airing over 3 Sundays. The episodes will air back to back from 9pm – 11pm ET on HBO.

Monday March 22nd


The 2nd season of the comedy series premieres. The series is the ultimate family depiction series. It features two parents as the juggle full time careers, children, parents, and life. The series also features the difference in parenting styles over different generations as the grandparents and parents opinions over how to handle children come into play. The season will be 10 episodes long with new episodes airing every Monday at 10pm ET on FX.


The 2nd season of the food themed spin-off of the hit series Ridiculousness premieres. Tiffani Thiessen hosts the series that explores the things everyone loves, food and drink. The series also features self proclaimed foodies Angela Kinsey, Kel Mitchell and Tim Chantarangsu. The season will be 10 episodes long with two episodes airing from 7pm – 8pm ET Monday through Friday on MTV.


The 12th season of the hit series premieres. The series takes a look into the world of extreme hoarding, where people have let their obsession over their things overtake their lives. Psychologists Dr. Robin Zasio and Dr. David Tolin work in tandem to extreme clean up experts Matt Paxton, Cory Chalmers, Dorothy Breininger and new expert Brandon Bronaugh as they aim to declutter and transform the lives of the hoarders. New episodes air every Monday at 8pm ET on A&E.

Return to Amish

The 6th season of the live changing show premieres. The series explores the lives of people who were formerly Amish as they try to adapt to their new world and lives. Jeremiah and his wife Carmella return with Jeremiah searching for his biological family. Sabrina is also returning and she is trying to balance a fourth pregnancy and her relationship with the father, Jethro, and a year of sobriety. This season we get newcomers Rosanna and Maureen as they leave their Amish communities to join Jeremiah, Carmella and Sabrina. New episodes will air every Monday at 9pm ET on TLC.

Seeking Sister Wife

The 3rd season of the polygamy series returns. The show explores the lives of families as they search to find an additional wife to join their marriage. The season will feature 2 returning, as well as  3 brand new couples. This season will have the additional strain of the pandemic and quarantine added to the couples’ lives. New episodes will air every Monday at 8pm ET on TLC.

Tuesday March 23rd 

Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil

The new docus-eries premieres. the documentary will feature Demi as well as her family, friends, and management team as they reflect on her overdose, the events that led to it, and her life since. It will be an important look into addiction and mental health that often plague those in the entertainment industry. The series will be 4 parts with 2 parts airing the first week and 1 part airing over the following 2 weeks. The parts will air at 12pm ET on Youtube.

Pig Royalty

The new reality series premieres. The new show will take viewers to Helotes, Texas and the extreme pig competitions that take place there. The series follows two families, the Baleros, who are the reigning champs, and the Rihns, who are working tirelessly to take over the title. The two families travel throughout Texas, competing for the ultimate prizes: money; scholarships; big, shiny belt buckles that “crown” you the winner; and all the bragging rights that go with them. New episodes will air every Tuesday at 3:01am ET on Discovery+.

Wednesday March 24th

The Day Sports Stood Still

The new sports documentary airs. The film will take a look at the March 2020 when sports leagues across the world were forced to shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. The film is directed by Antoine Fuqua and will be available on Wednesday March 24th on HBO.

Thursday March 25th 


The new baking competition series premieres. The series is hosted by Rosanna Pansino and features bakers as they take on challenges. The contestants will fill their carts with unique ingredients to create trendsetting desserts in hopes of winning $10,000. The season will be 12 episodes long with new episodes airing every Thursday at 3:01am ET on HBO Max.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

The new anime series premieres. The series which is based on an online game, follows a dragon knight who must use the power of the dragon to stop a demon. All 8 episodes will be available on Thursday March 25th on Netflix.

For Real: The Story of Reality TV

The limited reality series premiers. The series, which is hosted and executive produced by Andy Cohen, features industry executives, producers and journalists who helped create some of the most popular series in the reality genre. The series will also feature the Kardashian/Jenner family ahead of the final season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kandi Burruss, Vivica A. Fox and producers Holly Carter and Mona Scott-Young who look into how much Black women have brought to the genre, Jason and Molly Mesnick reveal secrets of The Bachelor, and cast members of the first season of The Real World. New episodes will air every Thursday at 9pm ET on E!.

John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise

The new docu-series premieres. The series follows the crimes and investigation of John Wayne Gacy, one of the most famous serial killers in history. The series will be told through the words of Gacy himself as well the people who had their lives changed forever by his actions. All 6 episodes will be available on Thursday March 25th on Peacock.


The 5th season of the first responder series premieres. The series follows the nightly activities that happen at New Orleans EMS. New episodes air every Thursday at 10pm ET on A&E.

No Demo Reno

The new home renovation show premieres. Jenn Todryk helps people in need of a renovation with as little demolition as possible. She gives low cost design solutions for the home owners of the Dallas Fort Worth area. New episodes will air at 8pm ET on HGTV and at 3:01am on Discovery+.

Friday March 26th

Ghost Adventures

The hit ghost discovery series premieres its 24th season. Zak Bagans and his crew investigate some of the most haunted places in the world during the night and locked in. They document evidence to try and uncover the truth behind paranormal activity. New episodes will air every Friday at 3:01am ET on Discovery+.

Inside Pixar

The new docu-series premiers. The show shares personal and cinematic stories that provide an inside look into the people, artistry, and culture of Pixar Animation Studios. The show will air 5 episodes over 3 weeks with the episodes dropping at 3:01am ET on Disney+.

The Irregulars

The new drama series airs. The show follows a group of misfits as they help the iconic Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson solve supernatural crimes. The entire season will be available on Friday March 26th on Netflix.


The new superhero series premieres. The show follows 17 year old Mark Grayson who is living under the legacy of his superhero father Omni-Man. However as he develops his own superpowers he discovers that his father may not be as heroic as he has seemed. The show stars Steven Yeun and J.K. Simmons and will be 8 episodes long. New episodes will air every Friday at 12:01am ET on Amazon Prime.

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers

The anticipated hockey series premieres. The Mighty Ducks are not what they once were, a group of underdogs, instead they are an ultra competitive power house. After 12 year old Evan Morrow is cut from the team he and his mother set out to build their own team. The series will be 10 episodes long with new episodes airing every Friday at 3:01am ET on Disney+.

Nailed It! Double Trouble

The baking competition series returns for its 5th season. Home bakers with a terrible track record try to recreate masterpieces for a $10,000 prize. The series, which is hosted by Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres, will be available on Friday March 26th on Netflix.

Solar Opposites

The 2nd season of the alien “invasion” show premiers. The series follows a family of aliens that crash lands in suburban America. The family is split however over wether they think that earth is amazing or terrible. All 8 episodes will be available on March 26th on Hulu.

A Week Away

The musical film follows Will Hawkins as he finds himself at camp for the first time. Even though he initially wants to escape he finds instead a father figure, a girl who awakens his heart, and a home.

Saturday March 27th 

52nd NAACP Image Awards

The award show was originally slated for February but was pushed back to March. The ceremony honors outstanding representations and achievements of people of color in motion pictures, television, music, and literature. The ceremony takes place between March 22nd and March 25th and will air on March 27th at 5pm ET on BET.


The documentary takes a look into the life of music legend Tina Turner. The film will combine footage from across six decades with new interviews with Turner plus journalist Kurt Loder (who co-authored her biography) and fans like Oprah Winfrey. The film will air on HBO at 5pm ET.

What are you most excited to watch this week? Let us know in the comments and make sure to stay tuned to AfterBuzz TV to always be up to date on the latest premieres.

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