Preachers of Detroit After Show

The Preachers of Detroit After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Oxygen’s Preachers of Detroit.

Show Summary: “Preachers of Detroit” follows seven men and women of the cloth who make the Motor City their home base. The series shows the preachers in their places of worship, as well as the lives they lead with family and friends outside of their churches. Facing challenges — including being female in a male-dominated field and keeping faith alive in a city beleaguered by hardship — are part of the program’s narratives. The featured members include Bishop Charles H. Ellis III, who hosted the funeral of civil rights icon Rosa Parks; Bishop Corletta Vaughn, who broke gender barriers by becoming a female preacher against her church’s strict rules; pastor Don William Shelby Jr., whose children formed gospel group The Shelby 5; and evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole, a multiple Grammy winner who owns a clothing line and hosts TV and radio shows.


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