Power’s Tyrone Marshall Brown Advocates for Mental Health

Written by: Erika Hunter – October 31st, 2019 6:19am PT

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You might have seen him on Power, but the real power lies in the thoughts surrounding Tyrone Marshall Brown’s mental health and its importance.

Brown appeared on AfterBuzz TV’s Power’s after show to discuss how he advocates for mental health and how he protects his own. 

When discussing his stardom, he mentioned how he notices his stress levels increase when fans recognized him in public. As a private person himself, he became overwhelmed by this attention. He knew then that he had to prioritize his health in order to prevent it from getting out of control. While he desires to be nice and give fans what they want, he stands firm on the fact that he and his loved ones take superiority to his fame. 

“I also want to make sure that I’m taken care of and whoever I’m there with,” said Brown.  

Whenever he is interviewed and asked what he will appear on next, he makes it a point to bring up his mental health. Though he is appreciative of his talent and where it has brought him, he cares deeply about how he’s doing internally.

“My first response, no matter what I’m doing or no matter what I’m up to, is hopefully walking in a brighter light than you saw me the day before,” said Brown. 

He argues this is the most important thing to him because he believes if you aren’t intact internally, it’s a scary reality you’re facing. 

When asked if he knew someone dealing with mental health issues, he said we all do. (most of us are.)

“I feel like most of us are to be honest, and I feel like, we find ways to hide it, mask it, but I feel like most of us are dealing with things on a daily basis,” said Brown.

Brown  has found meditation to be helpful with stress and experienced breakthroughs because of it, and he encourages others to find their balance. An honest message of strength to keep us all having the strength to face the future.

Be sure to check Brown out on Power on Starz every Sunday and click the link above to watch his entire interview with AfterBuzz.

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Erika Hunter received her Bachelor’s degree from Azusa Pacific University in Journalism.

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