Power Creator Reveals Ghost Shot With Angela’s Gun!

Written by: Rachel Goodman – November 6th, 2019 4:44pm PT

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Power has gone on hiatus for now—until the last five episodes which air in January—and we’re left with one major question. Who shot Ghost?

We may not learn the answer to this until January but show creator Courtney Kemp joined the AfterBuzz TV Power panel this week with some hints. She revealed that Ghost had been shot with none other than Angela’s gun! Does this mean Angela’s responsible? Kemp teased things may not be this simple.

“I’ll give you guys one little thing: it’s Angela’s gun,” Kemp relayed. “She had a duty pistol, remember? Because she took it when she met with Nomar [Arcielo]. Again, it’s all for the fans, remember? Remember Nomar? First season, who was messing with Ruiz’s daughter. Do you remember she had to take the gun with her? It’s her gun.”

With such a cliffhanger, we’re all wondering what’s going to happen with the final moments in the series. Kemp talked to AfterBuzz about the direction we might see.

“The episodes that follow are inspired a little bit by Rashomon, if you guys know that, that film,” Kemp admitted. “If you don’t you should watch it. But it’s basically about several people who are part of the same incident and their different ways of looking at it.”

Rashomon, a classic Akira Kurosawa film, is known for providing different character point of views of the same event which both serve to complement, and sometimes contradict, what another person has provided. Based on Kemp’s comparison, Power’s ending promises to live up to the rest of the thrilling Power series and potentially set us up for the spinoffs in the works.

Kemp continued by explaining the remaining moments of Power will fill in many pieces of the same moment from multiple perspectives. 

“Almost like a five-hour conversation about this day,” Kemp added, stating that season six episodes six through fifteen will almost be like their own movie. “Now, we’re in the endgame. And this, this is it.”

We may not know who shot Ghost, but it sounds promising that we’ll find out this information and much more during the final five episodes of Power, premiering on Starz January 5th, 2020!

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