Pop Divas Fight For The Hot 100 Crown: Ariana vs. Doja vs. Megan Thee Stallion!

Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga serve us Weather Girls realness to hype fans up about Rain On Me, Lana Del Rey and Doja Cat slay themselves in the worst way possible, Megan Thee Stallion, Beyonce, and Dua Lipa top the Billboard Hot 100, and JLo is giving us life as a judge on NBC’s World of Dance! AfterBuzzTV’s Pop Diva News Weekly with Bryant Santos reports!

Bryant Santos

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Posted On: May 27th, 2020 7:10pm pst

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AfterBuzzTV Pop Diva News Weekly

We have some new weather girls! In efforts to promote their already wildly successful duet for “Rain On Me”, our girls Ariana and Gaga served us “It’s Raining Men” realness in this hilarious skit, and we just want to know, was The Weather Channel actually involved in this?


Two girls who have not been serving us any realness are Lana Del Rey and Doja Cat as both divas have come under fire recently. Lana Del Rey posted an attack on every other Pop Diva in the game, while some of Doja’s old risKKKy behaviors in white supremacist chat rooms came to light.


Meanwhile, Queen Megan Thee Stallion is living her best life and minding her own damn business with some wine to celebrate her #1 spot on the Billboard Top 100 with her and Queen Bey’s “Savage” remix. Unfortunately, these savage queens are fighting for the crown of the music industry, and might be quickly overthrown as they are neck-and-neck with Doja and Nicki’s “Say So” remix.

While we’re on the topic of the charts, Dua Lipa has been holding strong with smash hits from Future Nostalgia like “Don’t Start Now” and “Break My Heart” even celebrating ten million views for the BMH video on YouTube. We’re loving everything you’re doing Dua, and we’ll just say, Don’t Stop Now.

Another Pop Diva who ain’t stopping anytime soon is JLo as she is back to judge on season four of NBC’s World of Dance. JLo and the team at World of Dance started a dance challenge on TikTok to celebrate the new season, fittingly titled #WorldOfDanceAgain. We’ll happily dance and love, and dance again and again and again with you JLo.

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