Please Uncancel: 5 Scripted Shows that should be Uncanceled

Please Uncancel Daybreak, The Secret Circle, The Tomorrow People, and Ringer

Elgin Ball

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Posted On: May 4th, 2020 12:30pm pst

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AfterBuzz TV’s Please Uncancel…

Through the course of time there has been an abundant number of television shows that have successfully captured the hearts of so many fans, but due to unfortunate circumstances they were either cancelled, or given a rushed finale that left viewers with 100 more questions and feelings of abandonment as they pick up the pieces and find another show to fall in love with in hopes that it does not get cancelled.  

As always, superfans, AfterBuzz has you covered! Welcome back to our  ‘Please Un-Cancel’ series, which highlights the shows and content we love and whose cancellations were premature. Below are five shows that definitely deserve another chance at getting their storylines completely resolved.

Netflix’s Daybreak 

A show that introduced your stereotypical groups of high school cliques trying to survive the apocalypse while trying to find romance definitely caught people’s attention.  With its quirky feel and hilarious dialogue, it was a shock to all of us when the show was cancelled. 

Daybreak was a drama comedy series that followed 17 year old outcast Josh Wheeler in his attempts to find his girlfriend during an apocalypse, while trying to navigate high school cliques who are out for blood. The show was praised for its witty dialogue and crazy characters who people instantly fell in love with which is why fans of the show were outraged by its cancellation. With a petition for the show’s renewal, this show definitely deserves another chance! 

CW’S The Secret Circle 

From the creators of The Vampire Diaries and Legacies, this show had just as much hype and charisma as any of its counterparts which is why fans of the show were devastated by the news of its cancellation. 

The secret circle follows the adventure of Cassie Blake who moves to Washington after the death of her mother to live with her grandmother. She is soon approached by her classmates who let her know that she is part of a coven of witches, which leads to an abundance of problems. Superfans of the show loved the chemistry between the actors and especially enjoyed the romance between Cassie and Adam and were mad that the show was cancelled. With shows like The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Legacies, this show definitely needs another chance and would make a great addition to the Vampire Diaries Universe

The Tomorrow People 

A show that might have been ahead of its time, but was really interesting was definitely The Tomorrow People which boasted a strong cast, great chemistry and some super cool cgi as well. 

The Tomorrow People are young men and women who have become early instances of the next stage of human evolution, gaining abilities that are ridiculously cool. Our young hero Stephen Jameson is in search of his father, while also being a double agent for the evil corporation Ultra, which is trying to take down Tomorrow People. People loved the show and still think it would fit well with the DC Television Universe that was created on the CW. This show had some pretty excellent action sequences and memorable characters and it definitely does deserve another chance. 

Sleepy Hollow 

We all love a good old fable story with a modern twist and this is exactly what this show delivered (and more) which is why fans of the show were so sad to see it go! 

Sleepy Hollow follows the adventure of Ichabod Crane who is brought back to life in 2013 to finally put the Headless Horseman back to death permanently before he finds his head and jumpstarts the end of days. Although the show ran for a good four seasons, fans were still not satisfied as a lot of the story was still left to tell for these characters and their crazy adventures.  This show absolutely deserves another chance! 

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