Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan Officially Dating Now — Uhh, Congrats?!

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are Instagram Official and dedicate a new TikTok Video to their haters!

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Posted On: May 4th, 2020 7:33 pm pst

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ABTV Bachelor News Daily:

You know what they say: a relationship isn’t truly official until you post each other on the ‘gram, right? In a move that many Bachelor fans saw coming, Peter Weber finally put all speculation to rest this weekend by becoming Instagram official with his girlfriend Kelley Flanagan! He uploaded this cute photo of them flying high during their time on The Bachelor  and the couple took things a step further with a new TikTok video dedicated to all of the haters out there who aren’t a fan of them being together:


You hear that, Madison Prewett  and Hannah Ann Sluss? These two are REALLY into each other and REALLY want us all to know it, OKAY?!

As we mentioned, this shouldn’t come as a surprise since the couple has been quarantined together in Chicago and not so subtly hinting at this for a little while now. Peter tried to deny the sparks were flying when he told Nick Viall on the Viall Files podcast that he was taking things “really, really slow” with Kelley. He explained, “I’m the last person that needs to rush into any kind of relationship. I just had an engagement that didn’t work out. I just was trying to pursue things with another woman that didn’t work out.”

Well, so much for that! While we’re not a fan of Peter’s dating methods, it looks like he finally found his co-pilot and hey, we’re happy for them!

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