Perry Mason S1 E2 Recap & After Show: Sister Alice, The Agony of War, the Bastard Child

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Set in Los Angeles in the 1930s P.I. Perry Mason is hired to work on a case involving a kidnapping gone very wrong. As Mason is trying to piece together the clues of baby Charlie Dodson’s murder, viewers get a glipse of how flawed Mason’s life is. The World War I veteran is living paycheck to paycheck trying to hold onto his family’s dairy farm, while also attempting to have a relationship with his 9-year-old son.

Episode Recap

Detective Perry Mason is haunted by memories of the war and having to decide between life and death against enemies and allies. Sister Alice McKeegan offers the Dodsons the church’s moral and financial support. Officer Paul Drake is led to a gruesome crime scene then, later, finds a dental plate very similar to the object Perry Mason found in George’s mouth. Maynard Barnes reveals Herman Baggerly is Matthew Dodson’s father. Hosted By: Sean McHugh, Erika Edwards, Allyssa Dickert, and Loren Kling

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