Penny Dreadful: City of Angels S1 E5 & E10Recap & After Show: Heads will ROLL in the Season Finale of Penny Dreadful City of Angles

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Monsters in 1930s Hollywood, what else is new? Join the PENNY DREADFUL: CITY OF ANGELS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we watch this monster of a spin off to Showtime’s Penny Dreadful. With Episode Reviews, Recaps, and more; Subscribe and comment to say up to date.

Episode Recap

It was an explosive season finale on Penny Dreadful as a literal race war broke out onto the streets of Los Angeles. The Vega family once again found themselves at the center of the battle for the soul of their city. Dr. Craft felt the pull towards being a Nazi once again to protect his son Tommy, taking pride to a whole new level. Tiago lost the love of his life, as Sister Molly realized she could no longer function as a religious puppet for her mother. Maria, comforted by Raul, and Josefina remains confident that she has dispelled the Angel of Death from her household. And Councilman Townsend celebrates the building of his Motorway next to the Temple and Nazis. Luckily we still have Michener (sad after killing Rocket Boy who was ready to build destructive bombs with the power of 1,000 Suns) and Detective Vega who are ready to protect their city of angels. Happy Season One!

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