Peanut Butter Falcon Creators Announce TV Show With Margot Robbie & Warner Bros.

Written by: Michael Clouse – September 5th, 2019 7:43AM PST

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EXCLUSIVE – After successfully creating a feature film with A-List stars while living homeless in a tent, the writers and directors of The Peanut Butter Falcon are getting their next shot to make great content.

Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz announced to The NotSam Network’s The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro and Roxy Striar they have partnered with Warner Bros. and Margot Robbie’s LuckyChap Entertainment to create a TV series.

The plot of the series will be based on Nilson and Schwartz’s life prior to The Peanut Butter Falcon. In the series, as in real life, Nilson has an actual daughter, who Schwartz will be partially responsible for helping raise.

“Ten percent financially responsible,” joked Schwartz.

“Sometimes I’m like, yo, I’m broke, I need a, I need a hookup. And he’s like, I got you, dog,” said Nilson.

Along with a friend, the daughter explores the beauty of the land.

“We wanted to take that with these two, these two women and, and, who are best friends and they go out into the wilderness and, and learn,” said Nilson. “Mike and I went through that too, is like, we went out into the wilderness and we were growing pot and not having internet.”

The inspiration to create the series came from the casting process for The Peanut Butter Falcon. Everyone who was shown the script was super interested in Tyler’s [Shia LaBeouf] story of independence, and Nilson and Schwartz wanted to give a character like Eleanor [Dakota Johnson] that same opportunity and showcase “badass” women.

“I want my daughter to see women powerfully living in the woods and, and, like it’s funny ‘cuz you were like, ‘would you recommend that?’ And I was like, well, yes, I would,” said Nilson. “I fully support it [living in the woods] and I think it’s, you know, I think these characters are dope.”

Not only is it the story they saw others wanted, but it’s a story rooted in history.

“It’s a very common story thread of like, hey, like, I have to leave this world we’re in and I have to go out into the wilderness, or into the uh, the, the deeper soul, the unexplored territory of, of ourselves, and, uh, and learn about myself and then bring that information or knowledge back to this world,” said Nilson.

The Peanut Butter Falcon has received rave reviews from fans and currently has an 8.0 rating on IMDb and a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. The film initially opened in 50 theaters, but was expanded to 1,000 theaters nationwide. The story follows Zak [Zach Gottsagen] as he breaks out of an assisted living center and meets up with Tyler [Shia LaBeouf] who helps him with his goal of becoming a professional wrestler.

According to the guys, Margot Robbie will serve as a producer on the new project and there are no plans for her to appear on camera. They are super excited to be working with someone as experienced and skilled as her.

“She’s really smart, too. She’s on that Shia [LaBeouf] level of intelligence,” said Schwartz.

And speaking of LaBeouf, he will have a significant role.

“He’s gonna play a guy, the, the boyfriend, confirmed Nilson.

Nilson and Schwartz have a pilot episode written and a 13 episode outline, with a rough draft on a second season. Now, they are just looking for the right network to place the show.

“Whoever is just like, ‘we’ll let you make a TV show about girls who go out into the woods, and do mushrooms, and see mountain lions, and have deep spiritual conversations with animals,” said Nilson.

A true story of finding oneself in the woods, and in the case of Nilson and Schwartz, finding a new opportunity to inspire others.

If the project gets picked up by a network, we’ll be sure to keep you updated!

For the full interview with Nilson and Schwartz where they detail how they made The Peanut Butter Falcon and were able to secure several high profile actors and actresses, click the link above to watch the full show.

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