Outlander Cast Gives a Go at New York Accent, Season 5 Sneak-peek Trailer at NY Comic-Con

Written by: Rachel Goodman – October 11th, 2019 6:37pm PT

During their New York Comic-Con panel on October 5th, the Outlander cast donned their best New York (read: “gangsta”) accents

Stars Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, and NYCC first-timers Duncan Lacroix, David Berry, and Maria Doyle Kennedy each tried their hand at being a New Yorker by reading dialogue from their characters and presenting it to the audience.

While Heughan, Lacroix, and Kennedy seemed uncomfortable putting on these accents, Balfe—who plays Claire on the show—picked up her script and slid into the mock accent with ease. From the stage, she turned to the seat next to her and looked at Heughan, who plays her husband Jamie Fraser. Balfe then harshly went at him in a tone akin to Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny.

“You listen to me,” Balfe said in an especially colorful tone, pointing her mic at Heughan, “if you ever raise a hand to me again, Jamie Fraser, I will cut out your heart, and I will eat it for breakfast. Do you understand me?”

The audience erupted in laughter.

This wasn’t the only highlight of the panel. Stars Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin, who play Briana and Roger respectively, couldn’t be at NYCC due to filming for season 5 in Scotland, so they visited the panel via video message and announced a new teaser trailer which further excited fans in the audience.

Naturally, the teaser left us with even more questions, though members of the panel did their best to answer what they could without truly giving anything away.

“I think it’s really remarkable how we sell the idea of Colonial America in Scotland,” Ronald Moore, the executive producer, said during the panel. “This season you really believe they are truly in Colonial America, and you’re gonna feel the onrushing, you know, American Revolution is over the horizon and sort of there’s a, there’s a tension in the air, and it’s it’s, it’s a great season, it really looks and feels, uh, like the period.”

Lacroix had plenty to say about his role as Murtagh, the character who actually lives on in the show despite his death earlier in the books.

“I can’t reveal too much about season five,” Lacroix said. “It’s kind of ramped up every season for me. So it’s got juicier and juicier and, umm, I certainly I think the best work I’ve done on the show is gonna, you’re gonna see next, next season.”

Perhaps the loveliest moment of all—especially for us diehard Outlander fans who have followed Claire and Jamie from season one—was when the discussion turned to the ongoing love story between Claire and Jamie. 

“It’s so wonderful to be able to play, uh, a relationship that keeps growing and growing and deepening and deepening,” Balfe said when asked about this love story. “I think that’s something that you really see evident of this season.”

Heughan, in typical Jamie fashion, had more to say.

“I think that every time he looks at her, I think he sees his own demise,” Heughan said, “he knows that he, he would do anything for her, he would die for her, and I think that’s it.”

“That’s the reason Outlander exists though, isn’t it?” Kennedy said in response to Heughan. “That… that belief in that love. That it’s possible that people could go through time for each other or lay down their lives or climb mountains or swim seas or, also, just endure, that they, that the love lasts I think is the most incredible thing about it.”

Claire and Jamie’s love is certainly eternal, but so is our love for this show. While we all wait out these final months of Droughtlander, at least we’ve got the teaser trailer, eight Outlander books, and four previous seasons of the show to tide us over. For even more content, be sure to check out Berry’s Instagram takeover where he captured rare moments live on the Outlander Instagram account during the cast’s time at NYCC.

The fifth season of Outlander will premiere on Starz, Sunday, February 16, 2020

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