Oprah Says Civil Unrest Is A Wake Up Call For Us All

Oprah Winfrey calls for action and commits to justice for George Floyd, declares his name not be relegated to just a hashtag.

Kay Montgomery

AfterBuzz TV Host & Writer
Posted On: May 31st 2020 3:41pm pst

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We love Oprah! They say in order to lead you must be a light. Well, Oprah is shining and showing us the way. She continues to leave an indelible mark on culture through her groundbreaking content on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Now she is speaking out against racial injustice in light of the very public and tragic death of slain father, George Floyd. 

The media mogul recounted how she is haunted by the image of George Floyd’s death and committed to make his name more than just a hashtag. 

“Your spirit is lifted by the cries of all of us who call for justice in your name! We speak your name.”

Winfrey used plain language to renounce racist police as she declared,

“We can’t tolerate hate crimes perpetrated by authorities in this country. 

She also issued a challenge to America as she declared,

“It is incumbent on all of us to not just be outraged when we see injustice. It’s not enough to just say ‘It’s so terrible.’ We need to speak up and say ‘That will not happen on my watch.’”

She also encouraged everyone to work in their own way to dismantle all constructs of injustice. 


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