One of the Funniest Bad Date Ghosting Stories You’ll Ever Hear!

Written by: Adam Carr – February 6th, 2020 12:54pm PT

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Lorraine Lopez Loves dating, even if she’s getting ghosted, but she’s happy to shareone of the funniest ghost stories ever, for a laugh.

This past Monday Miss Lopez was all smiles as she discussed bad dates in The Horribly Hollywood Studio. Even though her love life hasn’t been all rainbows and heart-shaped arrows, it’s worked out just the way she wanted it to.

“I got into stand up, because I had a flood of terrible dates.” Lopez explained.

Lopez shared one of her more unique experiences on the show. We’ve all heard of ghosting (for those over 45, or mature adults, that’s where you simply STOP talking to someone, and pretend like they never existed), but this ghost tale had a twist.

Lopez related the end of a seemingly well-going date that suddenly vanished into the night. Upon exiting the restaurant post meal, Lopez’s date took off running down the street, leaving her behind. Lopez stood still still, shocked and perplexed. She called out after him to inquire what the F*%K was going on.

“Hey! Where are you going??” Lopez told a shocked studio audience. “As he’s running, he looks back and is like: I’m going to Vons!”

Lopez watched her gentleman caller fade into the distance. Such a story made for great fodder on her own show, and with a performer like Lopez, It’s easy to see why. Her podcast “Lorraine Lopez Loves” examines how our love life (or lack thereof) directly influences our own comedy.

Even though Lopez has in the past been unlucky in romance, she takes it all in stride as part of the comedic process.

“I realized when I started doing stand up, I was never going to date anyone seriously again,” Lopez joked.

If history has taught her anything, it’s that the crazier the date, the better the comedy. And while we all wish people would stay a little later on dates (Hey, maybe Vons had a special on condoms, those things are EXPENSIVE) I’m glad that this phantom ghost, had some very real comedy.

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Adam Carr is a graduate of UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television for Acting. He moonlights as a hand model and lives in Playa Vista with his fiancé Amy, and rescue cat Gus Crookshanks.

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