On Quarantine With The Stars, Actor Sean Whalen Uses TikTok To Maintain Coronavirus Sanity

Written by: Jeffrey C. Graham – Month Day, 2019 time pst

As almost every major Hollywood production comes to a grinding halt, thousands of actors are waiting patiently at home like the rest of us, and we’re catching up with all of them on AfterBuzz TV’s exclusive interview series, Quarantine With The Stars!

Actor Sean Whalen, who you know from Friends, Superstore, Twister, and Seth Rogen’s upcoming film An American Pickle, caught with up AfterBuzz TV’s Jeff Graham to discuss what the corona Climate is like for actors right now.

“For me, I just shot a short film on [last] Thursday that I produced and directed, and then everything got more serious on that Friday. I just talked to my manager yesterday. The town is exactly like it is during holidays, between Christmas and new years, where everything shuts down. He said we should all be working on our scripts right now. The day before I was doing looping.”

Like of so many us, Whalen is looking forward to Universal’s upcoming releases. In an unconventional, turn Universal chose to release it’s recent theatrical features The Hunt, The Invisible Man, and Emma. Whalen said he’d definitely be catching The Invisible Man from the comfort of his own couch.

Whalen also mentioned that he’s been flexing his creative muscles with TikTok, and encouraged all creators to be exploring it.

“This is the first social media that really speaks to me. I get to be creative, I get to see immediate feedback. If I think something’s funny, I just film it and throw i on there. It’s really, really fun.”

AfterBuzz TV is running this series every day from Noon-1p, so make you tune in!

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