On AfterbuzzTV Latino, Noticias Digitales Breaks New Ground and Breaks the Latest News on the Covid-19 Pandemic

Written by: Yvette Sanchez – March 27th 2020, 2:05pm pst

Yet again, AfterBuzz is looking to be the first of its kind with the new AfterBuzzTV Latino channel. With the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 Pandemic, Afterbuzz hosts Jennifer Lopez, Mayte Carrillo and Yvette Sanchez are breaking down all the bells and whistles of the global pandemic.

Since the days to come are uncertain Yvette and Jen went into topics like unemployment, when the American people will get back to work and being aware of the assistance that places are offering.

In the latino community most of our elders are scared or have many questions surrounding their health and how they’ll be able to provide for their families during this time. Most of the concern is if most people will qualify for unemployment since their hours were cut and they didn’t necessarily lose their job.

Both hosts urged the younger generation to help out within their household if their elders had any questions, concerns or just needed a better explanation of what is happening.

“Be mindful of price gouging, some people have reported prices were going up during the early shopping hours”, Jen said, “and that’s illegal and to report it”. Also, try to accompany those that are older and need assistance, let the store know that you are their guide or help.

“Check with your HR department about what your place of employment is offering”, Yvette said. Going through it currently, “HR actually sent me the steps and there’s a specific option that says natural disaster and that’s what you select”. Granted it won’t be the full pay but, can definitely help out.

President Trump said that he would like to see the American people back to work by April 12. While for some that sounds great, others find it alarming and don’t know what to think about it. While most people need to work, is it safe to go back so soon?

Both hosts agreed that if the stay home order were to be lifted, it’s in the best interest of the community and health wise to make the right decisions if going back to work. This does not mean to go to parties, weddings and big public gatherings, stay doing the necessities and adding work back into the routine.

A great part of the show is the “Consejos”, which is advice on how to deal with the pandemic. A way for the community to listen and also engage with hosts about the things they can do and are doing to stay healthy and safe.

“Call all of your credit card companies or wherever you have payments set up, most places are offering a grace period”, Yvette said, “we have the time so just call, if you don’t have access to the internet or to talk to someone ask a trusted family member and have them call for you.” Most companies are sending out emails with information about assistance, but the best measure is to call and speak to any representatives.

Ending the show on a lighter note, Jen found a meme with the “holy grail” of the latino culture, “Vaporu” or “Vicks”, the cure all end all to any sickness in a latin household. Hopefully things start to look up, and this 15 day order to stay home starts to make a drastic impact, till then, stay home, wash your hands and lather on the VapoRub.

credit: make a meme

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Yvette Sanchez is a California native who became a part of AfterBuzz in 2016 after talking to Maria when she was her wrangler on Cup Cake Wars. She spent her summers off at AfterBuzz when she wasn’t in Arizona at ASU, she now has a degree in Sports Journalism and is actively pursuing a career. Currently you can catch Yvette on The Katy Keene Ofer Show and Monday thru Thursday on Afterbuxxtvlatino’s “Noticias Digitales”.

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