OG Disney Star Christy Carlson Romano Talks Possible Even Stevens Spinoff

OG Disney Star Christy Carlson Romano on legacies, nostalgia, motherhood, the Black Lives Matter movement and a possible Even Stevens Spinoff

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Posted On: June 14, 2020 10:48pm pst

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Dish Upon A Star: Christy Carlson Romano 

Full Interview:

There are few stars that you’ve grown up with from childhood to teen years and then adulthood. Few that still help you escape your day or always bring a smile to your face no matter how many times you’ve watched something. Few who still use their platform to bring lightness to your day. Our guest today is the epitome of that. 

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Christy Carlson Romano joined Chae’ Jones for a Zoom interview to talk about the 20th Anniversary of Even Stevens, Kim Possible and Christy’s Kitchen Throwback. She shares her thoughts on the state of the world, the possibility of an Even Stevens spin off and more on our Dish Upon A Star series. 

For the first time I feel that the world has really been impacted by the Black Lives Matter movement, with all 50 states protesting, but also over 18 countries as well. When asked what type of conversation this has sparked in her house or friend group, Romano replied, 

(https://youtu.be/u0vyC19mnQM?t=161)“Well, you know, I’ve been having conversations. I also tried to not have conversation with people so that it seems as though I’m performing in some way. I do have…I’m very grateful since quarantine started. We have a teacher for the girls who used to work with them in a daycare and now I asked if she can help me out so that I can get work done during the week. She and her family are from Senegal and as much as I would be like let me bend your ear about all these things. I’m more just saying to her, hey I’m here if you know you need anything please just let me know. I’m not closed, but I’m not trying to make her feel like she has to speak about anything in particular. We’re just two people who care about my kids and we’re loving each other through this. She is honestly the love of my life.”

Credit: Christy Carlson Romano Instagram

Romano continued,  

(https://youtu.be/u0vyC19mnQM?t=241) “I’ve also started thinking about the type of books that we have. So trying to purchase books that are on empathy and diversity and like just taking inventory of what I’m capable of doing. I mean It’s an cumulative thing and I also think this time is interesting because people have really no choice but to pause and think about what their stance on things is.” 

In response to how she believes we can move forward, Romano said, 

“I mean look I have kids. So I hope things can be resolved. You know I want the future to be better for them. I want there to be no fear in any mother’s heart for any reason that their child might not make it through the day or even if their older you know you see things differently when you become a mom.”

On June 17, 2000, Even Stevens premiered on Disney Channel. This year marks the 20th Anniversary since we first met the Stevens family, and fell in love with the sibling rivalry between Ren and Louis. (https://youtu.be/u0vyC19mnQM?t=385) 

“It’s wild to me that it’s been 20 years and people are still talking about how much they show. It’s still fresh in people’s mind and I think now more than ever nostalgia is like comfort food for people and it’s something that brings people solace and reminds them of a time in their life where they shared something in their homes with their families or maybe if they watched in way as a way to release or get away from bullying at school or something. There’s so many good stories that I’ve heard when I’ve met fans at say like Comic-Con or whatever. They’ve just been so positive. The feedback has been so great. Even Stevens in particular it seems like it has a cult following.”

Credit: Even Stevens Ranked

Before the famous “Influenza: The Musical” episode there weren’t many shows doing that type of thing on Disney Channel. Before there was even High School Musical, this episode changed the future of Disney Channel to come. When asked how she feels about leaving this legacy even after her Disney days, Romano said,  

(https://youtu.be/u0vyC19mnQM?t=520) “The legacy wasn’t really acknowledged because of High School Musical. We were really the first musical episode on Disney Channel so anything musical started from the fact that episode did well. So I like to think that while they were probably going to try something out the fact that was a really successful episode for us made Disney think a little outside the box a little easier.”

Romano finished by stating, “I like to think that we helped start the legacy for the new kind of content that they were making.”Disney Channel has had a lot of success with their spin-off series. Which begs the questions would it be possible to have an Even Stevens spinoff. When asked would she be open to starring in an Even Stevens spinoff, Romano replied,  

(https://youtu.be/u0vyC19mnQM?t=591) “Yeah, for sure. Absolutely!” Romano even has a vision she sees where Ren is in her life. “You know Ren is pretty awesome. So I mean you could take it a lot of different places. Mostly I think she’s still in government though which is kina really interesting if you take it from today’s political climate. I think for the sake of it she’s in local politics, trying to do big things for her community, and she has children and I could still relate to her still if Disney took it upon themselves to want to do something. I don’t know that’s in the cards you know between Disney Plus and maybe even the Lizzie McGuire reboot not working out. I’m not sure if Even Stevens makes sense for Disney unfortunately.”

Credit: IMDb

There are many female leads throughout the years in Disney Channel history that have made an impact, but there’s one that definitely stands near the top. The animated series Kim Possible followed teen heroine Kim Possible and her adventures with her best friend Ron Stoppable, his naked mole rat Rufus as she juggled being a teenage girl and constantly saving the world. ‘The future is female’ definitely defines Kim to a T. What did playing Kim teach Romano, she replied, 

“Kim definitely taught me how to be feminist. You can’t play Kim Possible and represent her and have that much love for her and not then let it rub off on you over the years. I’m actually really lucky to play Ren Stevens and her and even Captain Stone from Cadet Kelly. I even played Belle on Broadway. I have been blessed through my work with Disney being portraying women in a very positive light.”

Credit: IMDb

The best thing about nostalgia is that it always gives you the same feeling. Romano decided to create that space in her YouTube’s Christy’s Kitchen Throwback where she is joined by celebrity guests as they cook something inspired from shows or movies they are best known from. Since quarantine has been in affect, she hasn’t really had the opportunity to film new episodes, but she has been doing reaction videos as well as an amazing blooper video from when asked who is her dream guest to have on that she hasn’t had yet, 

(https://youtu.be/u0vyC19mnQM?t=1149) “Honestly, I’m trying for Jaleel White. He’s like my number one that I’m really trying to lock down. I know that everybody wants to see the gentlemen that played Beans on Even Stevens. His name is Steven Anthony Lawerence. So I’m trying to get him and maybe we’ll make some beans together. You know there’s obviously people like Shia, Hilary Duff, Raven like those people would be great, but there are a lot of other people out there in the world that have really great stories to talk about that I know, that I’ve had interactions with and that is what makes CKT so special. Is that you know we have so many different people coming on the show and so I really do hope that everyone still subscribes and checks it out. Watch what you can already if you haven’t seen it and enjoy the content!”

You can rewatch Even Stevens, Kim Possible, and Cadet Kelly on Disney Plus. You can also rent or buy Romano’s directorial debut Christmas All Over Again on Amazon Prime or iTunes, and don’t forget to subscribe to her YouTube Channel Christy Carlson Romano.

You can follow Romano @thechristycarlsonromano on Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook.  If you are a fan of Disney Channel, nostalgia and Disney content, in general, share this article and keep tuning into AfterBuz TV’s Dish Upon A Star series. 

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